Intuitive astrology: predictions for April 2021

The first half of April will pass relatively quickly, everyone will feel that things are moving at a rapid pace. April brings us renewed motivation and invites us to tackle projects on which we had procrastinated before.

A fantastic and uplifting energy characterized the first half of April, so connect with it and use it to move projects forward, launch new ideas, and get creative.

The New Moon in Aries on April 11 is the perfect day to set goals and plant seeds of intention. It carries powerful magnetic energy that can help you attract anything you desire.

In the first part of the month, the square March Neptune could create some tension or bring information to the surface, which will trigger strong reactions.

As we enter the season of Taurus in the middle of the month, we will find that things slow down a bit. We will then have to work with what is already in front of us rather than adding something new.

The month then ends with the Super Full Moon of Scorpio restorative, and Sun performs its annual alignment with Uranus, which has the power to bring a moment of enlightenment.

All of this energy combined makes April a month to take action, trust our intuition, and be open to change. To guide you through the energies of the month, let’s take a closer look at the dates to watch in astrology for April 2021.

April 3: Mercury in Aries

Mercury, the planet of communication enters into RAM. This energy promotes fast, clear and precise communication. Be wary of oversharing or overly harsh impression. You can get your point across and be courteous at the same time.

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April 4: 44

The fourth day of the fourth month gives us numerology 44. 44 is a power number indicating healing, authenticity, and building a strong foundation. It is also strongly linked to Guardian Angels.

April 6: Sun/Ceres Conjunction

Ceres is an asteroid known for its female power and abundance. When the Sun and Ceres align, we are able to feel its energy deep within our beings. It’s time to get creative and do things that fill our hearts. What fills your heart and makes you feel loved? The answer to this question is what you should do today!

April 9: The Mars-Neptune square

This energy peaks on this day but will be felt for most of the month. The Mars-Neptune square can bring information to the surface. Neptune tends to reveal things, so anything that comes up could trigger a fiery response. This is something we will likely see more on a global level than on a personal level, but in our personal lives, if new information emerges, we may need to act quickly. Trust your intuition.

April 11: New Moon in Aries

The New Moon in Aries is always very positive. It’s a great time to set intentions, create vision boards, and make progress toward your goals. What you choose to focus on expands, and this New Moon will help you attract things like a magnet. The seeds you plant at this time will be stimulated, so use this energy to your advantage. On this New Moon, Venus and Pluto are both active and can cause problems in our relationships, especially if we choose to give up our power. It’s time to recover your power, it is always present in you!

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April 13: Sun-Eris conjunction

Eris is a dwarf planet located beyond Pluto. Eris carries high frequency energy and tends to work on the subtle levels of our being. In our personal lives, it can stir things up from deep within our subconscious, helping us become more aware of our darker side. Globally, Eris often puts gender equality issues in the spotlight.

April 14: Venus in Taurus

Venus, the planet of love and relationships enters one of its ruling signs, creating a strong and harmonious force field of energy. This is a time when we can feel more forgiving. Treat yourself to new clothes, a delicious meal, or anything that makes you feel a little special.

April 18: Sun-Mercury Conjunction

When the Sun aligns with Mercury, its energy seeps into the depths of our being. Mercury is the planet of communication, so now is the perfect time to share your story, reach out to have a difficult conversation, do a podcast interview, or write that cover letter. Any form of communication will be preferred.

April 19 – Season of Taurus

Welcome to Taurus season! We leave the fiery Aries for the more methodical earth sign of Taurus. Aries season has been busy and we may have felt that time was passing quickly. We may also have started new projects or taken on a lot more responsibilities. Taurus season gives us a chance to catch our breath. Now is the time to consolidate and create a stable foundation for the future.

April 22 – Venus conjunct Uranus

Uranus always has the potential to create some volatility and bring change. Uranus is currently in the sign of Taurus, so as we progress through Taurus season, this maverick planet is going to be very active. On this day, we may feel restless in relationships or in our relationships in general. There may be changes to make to smooth things out.

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April 23 – Mars in Cancer

Mars has now reached the cancer sign. Mars in Cancer can heighten our emotions and make us easily irritable or even a little restless. We may need to divert this restless energy into something productive or creative. Mars in Cancer can also make us impulsive, especially when it comes to matters that are deeply personal and important to us.

April 26/27 – Scorpio Super Full Moon

The first Super Full Moon of the year! This Full Moon carries deeply restorative and cleansing energies. You may feel like you are undergoing some type of psychic cleansing or clearing. With Uranus very active during this Full Moon, we may encounter sudden changes or feel uncertain or unsettled. It has the potential to be a very emotional moment, but also an enlightening one.

April 27 – Pluto retrograde

The first downgrade in a while! As Pluto moves so slowly, this retrograde will be felt on a very subtle level. We may need to review the events from September to October of last year.

April 30 – Sun conjunct Uranus

The Sun makes its annual conjunction with Uranus, the planet of innovation, change and awakening. The energy of Uranus will be strongly felt on this day. Anything that is no longer meant to be can escape. As Uranus is in Taurus, environmental issues can also arise.

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