Palmistry: what the lines of the left hand reveal

If you’ve ever gone to see a palmist, maybe they looked at a specific hand to read your fortune. This is completely normal and part of the tradition of palm reading. The hand you use can make a huge difference in what you learn.

Palmistry: what is the difference between reading the lines of the left and right hands?

Each school of palmistry has its own intricacies that are worth studying. To understand how hand choice can play into your clairvoyance, you need to understand the difference between each hand.

Palmistry guides still dispute this point, but most agree that the right hand and the left hand are the two versions of yourself: what you could be and what you are/will be. Thus, according to most psychics, both hands should be used. However, it is always a good idea to learn what each hand symbolizes for a true palmistry master.

Left and right hands in palmistry

The dominant hand
The hand you write with is the dominant hand. For 90% of people, it’s the right hand. The dominant hand shows your personality to the outside world, it’s what your co-workers and friends see on a daily basis. This hand reveals how to primarily interact with the world and how the world sees you.

The Passive Hand
Unless you are left-handed, the left hand is your passive hand. It shows our inner self, our personal and private side that only close friends, family and a life partner can see.

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All markers on the hand can be read in the context of the right and left hands. The general belief in palmistry is to focus on the dominant hand because the use of your hands is what channels your energy.

What if your dominant hand is your left hand?

If you are left-handed, the roles of your hands can be reversed. That being said, most psychics will still read your hands using the traditional interpretations.

What if you are ambidextrous?

It is more difficult to determine which hand is dominant. Experienced palmists will test the thumb strength of ambidextrous people when doing their fortune telling. For ambidextrous people, the hand with the stronger thumb is the dominant hand.

What Your Left Hand Reveals in Palmistry

Left hands tend to be the hands associated with what could be rather than what is happening right now. According to the school of thought, your left hand can reveal:

  • With what predispositions and talents you were born. Were you born with wealth? Lots of opportunities? Your left hand may show this, depending on how your palmist interprets the lines.
  • What is your potential. We are all born with some potential. What you do with it, however, remains to be seen in your right hand. So your left hand can reveal what you might be.
  • Your personality traits. Some psychics use a person’s passive hand to reveal personality traits. Since your passive hand is less action-oriented, it can show fears, personality traits, and qualities.
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If you have extremely different left and right palms, it means you have a complex personality. Moreover, you are very adaptable to changes in environment and can always find your own way in life, despite the ups and downs.

If your left and right palms are similar, it means that you are simple, optimistic, genuine, upright and incapable of lying. You can face life with an honest character.

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