Palmistry: what your hand line reveals for the number of babies

The lines on the hand that reveal how many babies you will have are the straight lines below the base of the little finger and above the marriage line. In Chinese palmistry, these lines indicate the number of children a person can have and the life status of the children. These lines should be interpreted from bottom to top and the number of lines suggests the number of babies a person is likely to have. Deeply marked lines indicate the birth of male babies while short, narrow and shallow lines suggest the birth of female babies. If the lines are extremely short, shallow and broken, they indicate abortion or loss of children for other reasons.

Child lines usually derive from marriage lines or love lines indicating births that are the result of corresponding relationships.

The children shown on your palm may not necessarily be yours, they may also be adopted or foster children. Any child you have a special bond with will be marked on your handlines. These children are not necessarily your biological offspring but may be grandchildren, nieces or nephews, an adopted child or even the child of a neighbor for whom you have assumed a maternal role.

The number of babies in palmistry

Children are everything to their parents. Even before a child is born, parents begin to prepare to make this world a safe and secure place for them. They start all the planning and make the necessary arrangements according to what is possible!

With palmistry, it is possible to have valuable information.

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The number of rows is considered to indicate the number of children you are likely to have. Deep lines indicate the birth of a male child while light lines signify the birth of a baby girl. If the lines are very short this may indicate an abortion or miscarriage that you may be experiencing.

For men:

If a man has lines of children in his palm, this is an indication that his children will be healthy; if the lines are not clear or mixed with other lines, it is an indication that his children will be rather weak.

For women:

If a woman has lines of children in her palm, this usually indicates the number and health of children.

● If the line is forked at the end, it is an indication of twins. (Fig.1)

● Deep and wide lines indicate boys. (Fig2)

● Narrow, shallow lines are signs of baby girls. (Fig3)

● If the lines on your hand form circles, your child may have deficiencies or other health concerns (Fig 4)

● Islands at the end of the children’s line indicate that children are difficult to raise. (Fig5)

● Curved or crooked lines indicate a fragile condition (Fig 6)

How many babies will you have?

1. If the mons pubis (located at the base of the thumb) is well developed and very thick, it is an indication that the man or woman has excellent sexual function, so he or she is likely to have many children. On the contrary, if the area is flat or low, it is an indication that you will have few or no children.

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2. If the little finger is very short, this is an indication that you will have few or no children and this is especially true if in addition the end of the line of wisdom looks like a fork.

3. If there are several lines on the marriage line or under the base of the little finger in a chained form, then unfortunately you may not have children.

4. If there is an intersection on the line of health, the line of wisdom or the center of the wrist, the woman is unlikely to conceive or even have children.

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