Which parent is Virgo?

The Virgo parent

The Virgo parent is sane, but they have high standards and value perfection. The Virgo parent enjoys teaching their children to take responsibility, take care of their possessions, and lead healthy, active lives.

Sometimes the Virgo parent can come across as overly critical because they want their children to be as healthy, well-behaved, and smart as possible.

The Virgo parent is helpful and stable, so they are able to provide their children with a solid foundation in life, both emotionally and economically. He freely gives his time and attention which is the most precious gift of all.

The Virgo parent is a planner and has an eye for detail, so he is probably in charge of the bills and the family budget.

The relationship of the Virgo parent with her child

The Virgo parent realizes that a child is a creature that needs attention and love. As children grow older, these parents try to teach children to do a variety of different tasks, answer any questions they have, temper them and feed them healthily, teach them to clean and control and establish their requirements. They are ready to help their children with anything, especially in what takes neat and slow execution.

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Virgo parents are completely devoted to the education of their children, putting aside their personal affairs and interests. They allow them to develop a full-fledged personality, so that there is a harmony of physical, spiritual and moral directions.

The Virgin Mother

Some Virgos fear that pregnancy will spoil their figure and rob them of femininity, beauty and attractiveness. The rest of the women of this sign are so devoted to children that they let themselves be carried. Virgo mothers are often plagued by doubts and exaggerated fears that other parents don’t even pay attention to. They try to show great conscience in any business.

Mother Virgo is sensitive and constantly analyzes the thoughts and feelings of those around her. Therefore, feelings and love for her child do not manifest in the presence of others, hide from prying eyes. Alone with her child, the Virgo mother gives free rein to her feelings and her love. She uses all possibilities for this.

Mother Virgo is very careful about the appearance of her children. For such a mother, the behavior of children « in public » is very important. She teaches her offspring to be independent and very happy, watching their progress.

The Virgin Father

In the role of the father, the Virgin serves to her child as an example of honesty, responsibility, accuracy and precision. Virgo fathers teach their children that play should take a back seat. They instill in their children morality and discipline, develop their intellect.

Virgo fathers can’t put up with crying or restlessness for a long time. They lack the patience to endure loud games, mobility, mood swings, laughter and tears from children. In the family, they build a hierarchy, where the father plays the role of leader, while the child plays the role of subordinate.

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The Virgo father must above all appreciate the love of his child and put it first.

Virgo parent, Aries child

A Virgo parent respects the stubborn Aries, and Aries children love that Virgo doesn’t put too many limits around them. By avoiding arbitrary rules, Virgo allows an Aries child to try new things.

Virgo parent, Taurus child

Virgo parents and Taurus children are rational, intelligent, and have a bit of a stubborn side. But these two signs are understandable and are likely to resolve any conflict quickly.

Virgo parent, Gemini child

Virgo parents can be infuriated with Gemini, while Gemini bristles with Virgo’s staid approach to parenthood. Both of these signs relate to art and music, and they may find it easier to talk about art while actually talking about what’s going on between them.

Virgo parent, Cancer child

Both sensitive and filled with quiet strength, the Virgo parent can be successful in bringing the Cancer child out of his shell. Because Virgo is less emotional than Cancer, this parent can teach this child that failure isn’t the end of the world, helping them learn the art of tenacity.

Virgo parent, Leo child

Virgo parents are fascinated by their fearless little Leo, but sometimes they wish their Leo was more careful. Leo learns to be (a little) more organized and detail-oriented from their Virgo parent.

Virgo parent, Virgo child

Virgo parents see themselves in their Virgo children and it can drive them crazy! They are determined to be the best they can be, and seeing their qualities reflected in their children can help them relax.

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Virgo parent, Libra child

Virgo parents can help anchor Libra. Libra babies can admire how their Virgo parents are both outward-looking and true to themselves.

Virgo parent, Scorpio child

A Virgo parent can temper the intense Scorpio emotions, while also teaching their little Scorpio how to get along better with people who have different points of view. The little Scorpio is inspired by the grounded energy of Virgo.

Virgo parent, Sagittarius child

Sagittarians are impulsive, and allowing them to make their own mistakes and learn the consequences can be a life lesson for Virgo parents.

Virgo parent, Capricorn child

Detail-minded Virgo parents and Capricorn kids may get along well, but emotional control is key as Virgo parents need to make sure their relationship with their little one is more than superficial.

Virgo parent, Aquarius child

Creative and passionate about the arts, Virgo and Aquarius connect well with creative pursuits. However, Virgo parents should take the initiative to get their Aquarius kids to open up to them. If they are waiting for this to happen, it may not be.

Virgo parent, Pisces child

Virgo can help Pisces, and Pisces children admire their Virgo parents. Virgos can also help steer Pisces towards their passions and keep them on a task that Pisces don’t always do on their own.

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