Pisces Decans: Dates and Differences

Pisces 1st decan: February 19 to 29

This decan promotes versatility and adaptability, and strengthens your sense of rhythm. You are in tune with the “rhythm” of life. Neptune’s influence can soften your personality and appearance. You are rarely aggressive or offensive when dealing with day-to-day business. You know that by being kind and courteous, you will usually get what you really want and need. You also resent those who neglect to show kindness and courtesy in their dealings with you.

Neptune, planet of illusion, emphasizes creativity and imagination. You are able to tune into other people’s emotions on an unconscious level, almost hearing what they are thinking and anticipating their next moves. Maybe they haven’t experienced that side of themselves or they just take it for granted.

Love is probably stormy because you have deep passions. A mixture of spiritual and sensual approach is at the heart of your personality.

Pisces 2nd decan: from March 1 to 10

The sub-influences of this second decan are Cancer and the Moon. Cancer – natural ruler of the fourth house, that of home, family and security – leads you to be very close to the members of your family, whether this closeness is a positive or negative influence. You may find it a bit difficult to break parental ties and become independent, but you have to do it if you want to realize more of your potential. Raising your own children, building your family unit, and providing for the needs and love of those who are such an important part of your life are important to you.

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The receptive Moon combines with the spiritual influence of Neptune, and increases the awareness of Pisces 2nd decan towards others. You are romantics at heart and love is a transformative experience for you. 2nd decan Pisces are great admirers of sensual beauty, especially in people, paintings, and their surroundings usually show some sort of special touch.

Pisces 3rd decan from March 11 to 20

The sub-influences for this 3rd decan are Scorpio and Pluto. Scorpio – natural ruler of the eighth house of desire, willpower, drive and determination – gives you virtually everything you need to succeed in anything you do – if you use some of that potential power. in a positive way. You have great artistic creativity; but unlike the first decan, you can persist long enough for your inspirations to become realities in the material world.

Mars, the planet of initiative, strength, and drive, teams up with Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, and underscores your need for activity and opportunity. This is the completion of the zodiac wheel, the point where the whole circle begins again in Aries and picks up even more driving force. Extremely receptive to your environment, you store impressions in your subconscious and produce them at the appropriate time.

Love motivates many decisions of the third decan of Pisces. Often very empathetic, they know how to listen and are able to understand the point of view of others.

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