The New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

The new moon in Taurus from May 11 to 12, 2021 opens the door to the season of eclipses.

The season of eclipses is a time of change and transformation. It is a time when the Universe presents an opportunity to take a quantum leap on a higher path for the evolution of our soul.

While this Taurus New Moon itself is not an eclipse, it does trigger a new lunar cycle that will lead us to the ultra-powerful Full Blood Moon Eclipse on May 26.

New moons are a time of new beginnings. While some new moons are very active and like us to use their new energy, some are more passive and force us to step back and think about where we are at.

This new moon in Taurus is definitely the one that calls us to retire. Any new energy it brings in is energy that we should be using to restore and recharge our batteries.

This is the time to take care of yourself, to withdraw and reflect, and to allow energies to flow where they can, rather than trying to direct or control them.

Taurus being an earth sign, the energies of this New Moon of May 2021 also serve to anchor us and take root in our body.

We can begin to feel the shifting pull of the energy of the Eclipse, but with our feet firmly planted in the ground, we can feel stable and ready for whatever lies ahead.

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The Dark Moon Lilith

Dark Moon Lilith is the apogee of the Moon, which basically means it is the farthest point in the Moon’s orbit from Earth.

Black Moon Lilith is very active at the time of this New Moon. It’s raw, feminine energy that reminds us of hold our power and recognize the full potential of our being.

It can remind us to stand up for ourselves, to speak with the voice of our true, authentic self, and to resist uncomfortable but necessary situations.

The Dark Moon Lilith also represents the void and darkness that falls before change or transformation occurs. Even though the dark void may seem intimidating, this energy can give us the confidence we need and remind us that the light will always return.

Sometimes it is necessary to wade through the dark void to allow the transforming energies to flow. Think of it as a dark cocoon. The caterpillar must retreat into the darkness to undergo its rebirth and become a butterfly.

If you feel this call, allow yourself to retreat into the silent darkness. While one might think that darkness is something to be feared, it does have a creative and peaceful quality that we can use to restore, recharge, and receive more in-depth information about our lives to come.

Darkness allows us to move away from the distractions of the outside world and go inside so that we can hear the calm voice of our intuition.

It is in the darkness that we can dream, create, imagine and seek the wisdom of our Higher Self.

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The energies of Venus

As the ruler of Taurus, Venus is also a planet to watch at the time of this New Moon. Even though she is softer in her expression, Venus, like the Dark Moon Lilith, carries a feminine energy.

Feminine energy goes beyond gender, and is more about going with the flow and allowing us to embrace the creative, intuitive and less practical sides of our being.

If the male energy is made up of straight lines, the female energy is made up of curved and wavy lines. Imagine these energy curves floating through the cosmos, mingling with our own cosmic beings and helping us move in new directions.

While it may seem passive, it’s more about letting your inner compass guide you, rather than getting caught up in ego or the opinions of others.

All in all, the May Taurus New Moon is a chance to recharge our energy and welcome the creative energies of change.

It is an opportunity to go within and listen to the calm, still voice of our heart. It is an opportunity to trust the wisdom and intuition of our own body. It’s also time to welcome creative energy flows that allow us to evolve and embrace all change with grace and ease.

Welcome these energies in whatever way is right for you. Know that you are supported both to anchor yourself and to go with the flow.

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