The stones to wear for the sign of Taurus

Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac. The birthstone of Taurus is the emerald. Emerald is a green gemstone that signifies peace and prosperity. People born between April 20 and May 20 are Taurus.

Taurus are as strong-willed as the bull that represents them. Smart, strong, and endowed with a pinch of stubbornness to see things through, Taurus people need gemstones that share their vibes.

By nature, those born under the sign of Taurus value honesty and hard work. Much like the bull spirit animal, they are not shy about rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done. Far from being just brawn, they are also driven by using a high level of intelligence to solve problems and love to reward all that mental and physical strength with soft, comfortable luxury. Work hard and have fun seems to be the motto of this strong-willed zodiac sign, ruled by Venus.

If Taurus has many positive aspects, he is not immune to a number of difficulties: his unshakable nature does not leave him much room for maneuver and, therefore, his hot character makes him can be set in his ways and tend to be a perfectionist. The love of luxury can also lead to high levels of hedonism, and sometimes a little more rest and restraint would help them.

While the natural world is full of beautiful gemstones, working with your birthstone gives you an immediate connection to that gemstone. A bearer of his birthstone is said to attract the healing properties he needs most. Since ancient times, society has been fascinated with the legendary elements of birthstones, and having a gemstone correlated with the month of birth was considered a source of luck, fortune, and intuitive support. So which birthstone should a Taurus turn to to find balance and bring out their best traits? Here are the best stones for Taurus.

The main stone of Taurus, the emerald

Cleopatra’s Favorite Gemstone: Emerald has a long history, it is a gemstone associated with wealth, prosperity and rulers of the ancient world. It is said that Emperor Nero used flat emerald crystals on his eyes while watching gladiatorial games and emerald stones were highly prized by the Incas.

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In the modern world, people still succumb to the lure of the mystical glow of green that makes emerald so alluring. For those related to the sign of Taurus, emerald is the primary birthstone and is sure to speak directly to their heart. This birthstone is also related to Venus, making it an even more perfect stone.

Emerald exudes elegance and the promise of wealth and prosperity, which aligns perfectly with paying homage to the heartfelt luxuries that make Taurus feel rewarded after a hard day’s work. This gemstone appeals to their more extravagant nature, but it is also deeply connected to the natural gifts bestowed on the earth by mother nature.

Emerald stone is also known to bring good luck, attract powerful positivity and help awaken a person’s spiritual side. For those who can’t shake off Taurus’ perennial trait of being stubborn, Emerald encourages them to sit still and just let things go.

Stone #2: malachite

Malachite is another amazing choice for those seeking a Taurus stone for their birthstone jewelry. Malachite is amazing for bringing balance to the left and right side of the mind. Malachite also helps align the chakras, which reduces stress and helps release the grip of perfectionism. This swirling green stone prompts Taurus to say goodbye to limiting beliefs that can keep them from stepping out and letting the full spectrum of their inner light shine.

Stone #3: peridot

The pretty shimmer of peridot, this age-old stone, comes with a whole host of healing properties and amazing stories. Another gemstone adorned by Cleopatra and even said to be found in the remains of shooting stars, peridot is a natural calming agent for the stubborn nature of Taurus and can help provide a bit more flexibility to balance the ‘stubbornness.

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Stone #4: aquamarine

Aquamarine ocean flow urges Taurus to stop kicking against the current. Sometimes more prone to getting stuck in their ways, the powerful momentum of this lucky stone makes Taurus energy learn to let go. With a strong connection to water, aquamarine invites the wearer to reconnect with the elixir of life and let go of toxic feelings to become bright and pure again.

Stone #5: Lapis Lazuli

A powerful healing talisman, Lapis Lazuli’s lyrical color scheme is perfect for releasing the tight tension that sometimes gets stuck in the system of people born under the sign of Taurus. Lapis Lazuli is also a stone that helps nurture the desire for deeper learning and higher intellect. Taurus are known for their physical commitment to hard work, and this gemstone also encourages deeper thinking, allowing them to exercise their brains.

Stone #6: agate

Like a pearl found at the bottom of a crystalline lake, agate is a stone that sings a lullaby of sweet serenity. Instantly calming, it is the perfect healing crystal for the Taurus zodiac sign with its soothing vibrations and ability to ward off negativity and restore calm to the mind.

Stone #7: topaz

Topaz is strongly linked to Taurus. An earth element, this dazzling gemstone reflects all of the finer traits you can find in a person with the Taurus zodiac sign. Stable and loving, topaz fits this description perfectly. Topaz is also considered a lucky stone, attracting magical manifestations to all who wear it.

Stone #8: carnelian

A superb action stone, the fiery spirit of Carnelian invites its wearer to take the lead, overcome fears and stop holding back in the face of the potential for transformation. Taurus tend to be a little aloof, but with a flash of Carnelian, they can find the courage to let their personality shine. Developing a softer sense of confidence, carnelian also strengthens the sacral chakra. Much like the green gaze of emerald and the alluring flash of topaz, carnelian encourages the soul to embark on a winning streak.

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Stone #9: Amethyst

A champion of deepening, amethyst invites you to rise even higher in terms of self-love. Amethyst as a birthstone for Taurus is an interesting choice because it allows one to feel safe, while simultaneously inviting people to step out of their comfort zone. Amethyst amplifies joy and warmth, and since Taurus are already very fun people to be around, it only increases the pleasure without slipping into hedonistic patterns.

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