How to ask the Universe for a sign?

The Universe always guides and lights our way. In fact, if we can truly stand still and pay attention, there is a good chance that we will see signs and clues all around us that will help us know the way.

Let’s be clear; there is no wrong or right direction in life, but sometimes having a little spiritual inspiration can help us make clearer decisions and follow our path to our goal.

To follow this path is to really follow our truth and to go in the direction of our soul and our heart.

While we all have a say in what we create in this universe, when we connect to the flow and energy around us, we can create fulfilling life.

It is about working alongside the Universe and allowing it to help us.

One of the best ways to do this is as follows:

Ask the question in your heart. Ask with complete focus and conviction for the guidance of the Universe. Let go and see what information comes to you.

It can be difficult to recognize information, especially if you are stuck in the maze of your life and struggling to find the truth.

Here are some strategies to help you and how you can receive a sign from the Universe:

Be clear about your intention

Why are you looking for a sign? Feel your intention and be clear with it. You can even write it down. For example: « My intention is to know if accepting this position will be the right step in my career »

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Connect to your feelings

Try not to be logical and start imagining what ifs. Just send your question to the Universe and have confidence.

Ask the Universe for a specific and clear sign

Set a deadline: ask the Universe to deliver a sign for a certain period.

Ask the Universe to send the sign multiple times (often 3).

Ask the Universe to send an obvious and meaningful sign to you.

Stay open

This is the most important of all the steps. The sign may not turn out the way you expect, so stay open and think the sign has already been delivered to you.

Try not to rationalize everything that happens to you as a “sign”. Just let it go and let the message get to you.

The Universe always speaks to us in signs, but sometimes it helps to set an intention in order to observe the Universe and work alongside it.

The Universe is an incredible force that lives in us and all around us. When you connect with the vibration of your own soul and the energies around you, you will automatically feel the light guiding you move you forward.

You have nothing to lose ! Try and see if the Universe gives you a sign.

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