ID Clairvoyance: The reference TV channel

Clairvoyance ID: the clairvoyance channel of your daily show

ID Voyance, within the famous PAF – French Audiovisual Landscape –, the channel IDF1 clairvoyance is a pioneer in terms of content offered, while today establishing itself as the flagship show for clairvoyance. Indeed, ID-F1 clairvoyance will begin its 9th year of existence, which places it as a benchmark program and demonstrates its importance to viewers. Many renowned clairvoyants participate in ID-F1 clairvoyance, distill their predictions while listening to you during the consultation. Broadcast live every day from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., you can call the 32 67 from 1:55 p.m. in order to go on the air and be able to ask your specific question to the clairvoyant who will use your first name and date of birth to best answer your question.

Clairvoyance ID: Services of the chain

Your IDF1 clairvoyance channel is therefore the essential daily program that will allow you to reassure yourself about your near or distant future by giving you decryption keys in order to guide your free will knowingly. Indeed, thanks to your first name, date of birth and the sound of your voice, the clairvoyant present on the set will be able to answer your question and enlighten your future. The clairvoyance experts selected by the IDF1 clairvoyance channel will be able to answer questions about your future in general or also about more specific areas: love, work, finances. All you have to do is ask yourself the question of your choice and listen carefully to the personalized predictions of your seer.

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Clairvoyance ID: The advantages of the channel

In addition, the IDF1 clairvoyance channel also allows you to obtain a private consultation with one of their many clairvoyants by dialing, which has many advantages. Indeed, if the host/psychic duo provides a clever mix of professionalism and relaxed atmosphere for a live broadcast that always sheds light on your future, the possibility of consulting in private is a real plus. Certain talents of clairvoyance have officiated on this channel: Annabelle de Villedieu, Isabelle Viant, the astrologer Diane Boccador, the medium Matheo Benoit, the clairvoyant Stanislas Delorme, Julien Mer, or even Frederic Williams, Yannis astrologer, the clairvoyant Angélique, Soraya, Sabine Gorge, Lena Kelly, and Esteban FREDERIC who arrives for the 2017-2018 season… It allows you to find the clairvoyant of your choice for a private consultation who will be able to offer you various services adapted to your personal situation and above all reassure you of a more intimate presence, off the microphone. Finally, you have the possibility to find all the news of the ID clairvoyance channel from their facebook page, or their website:

Meet Esteban FREDERIC for his first show September 1, 2017 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. accompanied by the host Isabelle KIR!

ID Clairvoyance: Good to know!

Info IDF1 on DTT is available:

* on channel 32 of free DTT in Île-de-France.
* on channel 30 and still on channel 910 of the Freebox.
* on channel 336 and soon on channel 30 of Box SFR.
* on channel 30 (store the Île-de-France region as a “favorite”) and on channel 349 of the Livebox.
* on channel 30 and still on channel 400 of the Bbox.
* on channel 32 of Box Videofutur.
* on Alicebox channel 364.
* on channel 96 of Numericable (in Île-de-France) and soon on channel 30.
* on channel 291 of the Darty Box THD.

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