Your style of clairvoyance according to your astrological sign

When the Zodiac Needs Lighting

We each have our own way of communicating, and when we turn to clairvoyance, our hearts, souls, thoughts, needs and desires are revealed. You must therefore feel a real connection with your clairvoyant or medium. Creating a fulfilling connection is all about matching your emotional style with the right psychic. Here is the type of clairvoyance according to your astrological sign!


Aries needs to feel they can conquer the whole Universe and inspiration is their rocket fuel. Aries need to connect with a seer who uplifts them, boosting their energy, joy, and confidence to reach explosive new heights.


Taurus can be very tender at heart, and caring understanding helps them greatly. Although they have amazing inner strength, these Venusians do best when they have a seer with deep empathy for them, who can gently nurture their soul with the flowers of renewed life.


Geminis can handle and endure anything. They do not need us to take tweezers to tell them things. They have to connect to their seer and can’t stand complacency.


The children of the Moon are souls with soft and tender hearts. Deep down, they are empathically sensitive, and they need warm, gentle, caring compassion from their clairvoyants.


Leos love to shine like the warm sun that rules them, and they live to generously share moments of joy with those who cherish them. They love mediums who inspire them to gloriously illuminate the Universe with their loving Self.

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Mercury-ruled Virgo revels in anything neat, clean, and beautifully presented, including clairvoyances. Virgos want the facts perfectly aligned so they can study them, missing nothing, to better see how to create a life made of precision.


Venusians like to feel elated by all things beautiful. Libras are truly comforted by the support of an inspiring medium that makes them feel like they can truly manifest all the wonderful, splendid, and happy things they imagine in their lives.


Scorpios feel very deeply. They are sensitive, insightful and easily pick up on what other people are feeling too. Strong inside they need compassion to thrive. They need the gentleness of an empathic seer to gently help them in their intense life.


The Archer is known to fly sharp arrows that can pierce almost any armor. If anyone retaliates, Sagittarius happily dodges them with a laugh. Sagittarians appreciate a medium’s frankness and outspokenness because being direct is just natural for them.


If you hear someone say, “Just give me the facts,” it might be a Capricorn. They like clairvoyances to go straight to the point, because they have the mountains of life to climb!


Aquarians run on a sort of cosmic electricity, and they are easily recharged by an inspiring seer who evolves their spirit. Aquarius knows by heart what Peter Pan said to Wendy: « Second star to the right and straight ahead until morning. » « 


Sweet Pisces live in mystical realms and goodness of heart flows through their veins. They thirst for the compassion that a sensitive seer gives them, for tenderness is their life force.

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Astrology plays an important role in your daily life. The planets are responsible for your moods, your experiences. Consult a clairvoyant or an astrologer now on our platform!

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