Palmistry: What Your Palm Line Reveals for Wealth and Fortune

Palmistry gives information on many topics you wonder about, from the number of children to your love life, from health to creativity. In order to know whether you are going to make enough money or not and whether you are going to lead a rich life, you can take advantage of palmistry and look at your palm and fingers. To know if you will have fortune through business, the money line will show you the way. There are different lines in palm reading. These are the vertical lines under the little finger and the ring finger. Now, let’s see how to interpret these lines.

If the lines appear clear, if they are deep and straight; it means you are smart about investment matters. It will not be difficult for you to make a fortune in the future. Moreover, you can meet powerful people who can help you.

Wealth and fortune: the line of luck in palmistry

Want to know if you could make enough money and live a rich life? There are many signs indicating wealth and fortune by reading your palm lines.

In palmistry, there are silver lines. These are straight lines located under the ring and little fingers.

● If the lines are many, clear and straight, it shows that you are smart, good at investing and could make a fortune. If you find that your solar line is also straight and clear, you could gain both fame and wealth.

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● Wavy money lines show that your fortune is not stable in life. You will have many problems in business or career. If you want to be successful, it takes more effort to improve yourself, no matter how good you are.

● Intermittent money lines often indicate bad fortune. You will encounter many difficulties in career or business management.

Other Signs of Wealth and Fortune

Some people may not have the above lines at all. Regarding the monetary situation, it is not enough to look at these lines. The other lines inside the hand can also give information about your monetary situation.

The sun line
The line of the sun is located between the ring finger and the little finger and it shows the popularity, reputation and success of the person concerned. If you have a nice clear sun line, it is easy for you to succeed. Another line on the little finger shows that you are lucky to get help from others. Also, this line represents your business intelligence. You can have great fortune.

A secondary line comes from the line of the sun and extends to the little finger is also called the silver line. If you have such a line, it indicates that you are commercially minded, lucky to get help from others, and have great skill in managing money. Thus, you have a great chance of becoming rich.

If the branch of the sun line connects the money line and the Sun line together, you are destined to receive unexpected money. You can get great wealth because of your reputation.

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The head line
If there is a branch that extends to your little finger on your head line, it means you are good at making money. You love money, you think about it and you know how to use it ingeniously. Plus, it means you can have strong in-game skills.

Money management line
In the palm there is usually a parallel horizontal line above the line of the heart. This line usually shows the ability to manage money for a person. If you have one of these lines of medium length, you are money wise and know how to take care of others.

Marriage line
If your marriage line extends upward towards your ring finger and is star-shaped at the end, you would have no worries about money in life through marriage to a wealthy person.

Palm colors and textures for wealth and fortune

The color of the palm

In general, if your palm is white in color, it indicates ease in marrying a wealthy man or woman. If it is red, you will have a hard time making money. The dark yellow colored palm indicates that you are unlikely to marry a wealthy person. A few scattered red spots in both palms are a good sign in terms of wealth.

The soft and oily palm
In Chinese palmistry, a person with a soft, oily palm can usually enjoy wealth and honor.

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