All about private sales for a trip

Since 2008, the Private sales are also gaining the tourism sector. Here, the concept remains the same. It is a question of proposing an original offer to a limited number of customers. Discounts can go up to 80% and several bonuses will also be offered. Spotlight on the essentials to know about private sales.

Private sale for a trip: the concept

Today, you will no longer have to spend hours looking for the right hotel among hundreds of offers published on booking sites. Private sale portals do it for you. Moreover, they do not offer you any establishment, but only select 4 or 5 star hotels. Castles, palaces, luxury hotels, high-end lofts or all-inclusive clubs, all these private sales of dream vacations are now available at reduced prices. Here, the principle is the same as classic private sales, which have emerged in the field of fashion and jewelry. It is a question of selling a maximum of product by offering an unbeatable price. In this case, the organizer wishes to fill unoccupied rooms.

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A discounted price for a luxurious room: what makes the concept possible

These luxury stays at bargain prices perplex many people. Indeed, at first glance, it is almost impossible to obtain a luxury trip at such an affordable price. In order to remove your doubts, we explain how specialized sites negotiate their final prices. In reality, they use two approaches. First, the platforms negotiate the prices of unoccupied rooms with partner establishments to offer them at a discount price. This benefits both customers and hotels. If the traveler benefits from an upgrade, the brand increases the occupancy rate of its rooms. Then, the second approach consists in negotiating the BAR, also called “best available rate” or “best applicable price”.

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Tips for taking better advantage of private sales for a trip

Often perceived as a form of “sale”, private sales are not one. Thus, to keep their private character, the sites only present their offers to people who register as members. But beware, « private » does not mean « select ». Indeed, the sites are open to all. However, you will have to be on the lookout for all the offers to be able to take advantage of them, as they are only displayed for a limited time. Besides, you also need to be flexible when it comes to destinations. It is then a concept adapted to adventurers who are ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Young people particularly appreciate this solution. Thanks to this formula, it is possible to discover many countries of the world at a low price.

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