Traveling without money: yes, it is possible!

One of the easiest ways to travel without money is in front of your eyes: the Internet. You use it to see the world. The tangible medium is just too expensive, isn’t it? Well, if you are secretly planning your great escape across the world, then you should know that it is possible to travel without money.

You read that right: no money! And we are going to tell you how you can do it. However, a bit of disclaimer is needed before proceeding. There’s nothing like traveling the world without money, because someone, somewhere is spending money so you can travel freely. Is this justifiable?

The key to traveling without money

First, let’s assume that « traveling without money » means traveling without using one’s money; It’s entirely possible. There’s only one key factor you need to be aware of before you get too optimistic.

To travel without money, you have to be adaptable. You can’t be picky, you can’t be ashamed, and you can’t rely on routine. Traveling for free takes a pinch of resilience, a pinch of unspoken bets, and a bit of self-control. If you have or feel you can develop these traits, keep reading this article!

How to travel for free?

The hotels

Hotels are the biggest bane for the traveler without a budget, so more often than not he stays in cheap hostels, which still cost a little money. But did you know that you can stay in hostels for free thanks to the work exchange?

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Hostels « hire » travelers as bartenders, cleaners, receptionists, and sometimes for odd jobs like dog walking or web design, all in exchange for a room (and sometimes board). Some websites have sprung up to meet the demand for work exchange positions.

The exchange of hospitality

We almost forgot one of the most important attributes you must have if you want to travel cashless. You must be friendly. Being kind is extremely important, and here’s why.

The hospitality exchange is where you stay with someone for free.

The modern version of the hospitality exchange is completely free and entirely internet-based. To do this, head to

The way it works is simple. You have a profile with info, photos and references. When you want to go to, say, New York, you search the database of New Yorkers with profiles, and when you find someone you think you can get along with, you send them a request to stay at him. There is no obligation, just help around the house and share your life.


That’s where that touch of resilience comes in handy, because conditions aren’t always the best! But camping is free. One of the truths nomadic travelers will tell you is that there is always a place to pitch your tent. You can’t be ashamed to camp where people aren’t used to and you certainly can’t be picky.

How to use transport without money?

Walk or cycle

Cycling is a way to travel for free. We still put it on the list of solutions, but cycling around the world requires some preparation. Same as walking.

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To hitchhike

Of course ! No need for money to travel when you hitchhike. The idea is that the trucker is already going your way, he’s already paying for gas, so why not use that extra space to take you with you? Don’t be ashamed of being on the side of the road and that will work for you. It will even be possible to cross the oceans aboard sailboats if you offer to be a crew member!

It is important to overcome the stigma associated with hitchhiking. Hitchhiking is not as bad as we are led to believe.

How to eat without money?

This is where being adaptable becomes particularly important. How do you plan to eat without money? We like to talk about « truths of the road », and one of the very real truths is that people won’t allow you to go hungry. You, however, are part of a specific demographic. You can read this, you browse the internet and you understand English. You already have skills which, in the current order of things, can be exchanged for food anywhere in the world.

How else did you expect to eat? Free ? Well, you will eat for free. In many places in the world, if you offer to work for food, and if they don’t have a job for you, they will feel embarrassed, not wanting to push you away and instead they will will give away food for free. If they don’t, then the next place will. It’s the truth. Understand now why you must overcome your feeling of shame? Should you be ashamed of eating? And then, going through the trash cans is always an option in some cases!

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Conclusion : Can you do it ? Would you?

Adaptability, resilience, shamelessness, independence, self-control: those with these attributes can travel the world without money. What do you think ?

Whatever your decision, there is something very important to remember: if you travel the world for free, reimburse it in kind, respecting your neighbor as well as the planet.

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