The 12 best apps to learn English on your smartphone

English is a language spoken all over the world. No matter what future we choose, Shakespeare’s language can help us in a number of situations. Whether it’s for work, traveling, meeting people around the world, we all need a basic knowledge of English.

However, learning English can quickly become a long and tedious project when the budget is tight and time is tight. Find a cheap teacher, attend lessons, learn sometimes complex lessons and wait to find your teacher to find an answer to his questions. So many points that put off and which can take away any hope of learning.

Today, the best way to learn English is to live in an Anglo-Saxon country and talk to native speakers on a daily basis in order to learn alongside them. But not all of us have the time to take such a long journey. It is for this reason that now, many applications will allow you to learn English quickly, from your smartphone, without spending too much and without the hassle! You just need to be comfortable with your phone or tablet.

We have chosen for you the 12 best apps to learn English on your mobile, but first of all, let’s first see the benefits that these apps provide to users who want to learn this language.

What are the advantages of learning English with your mobile?

The applications that allow you to learn English directly from your mobile offer many significant advantages.

The price

The biggest advantage of learning English via a mobile application is of course the price. Forget the hours of class that cost an arm. With these applications, you will be able to learn English for free or at low cost, depending on the application, without spending miles and cents with teachers who sometimes charge exorbitant prices.

The weather

No need to schedule hours each evening with a language class or a teacher who comes home to learn English. Thanks to these applications, you will be able to learn when you want, where you want, without necessarily planning long hours of lessons.

The practical side

Whether it is in your bed, during a commute in transport, by the swimming pool on vacation or simply at home on your way home from work, you will be able to learn English according to your desires and your schedule.

The playful side

All these applications have been set up by English teachers, the exercises and levels of learning are numerous and practical. If you are comfortable with your phone, you will be happy to learn English with one of these apps.

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The 12 best apps to learn English

Are you ready? Here is our list of the 12 best apps to learn English quickly from your mobile:

1 – BABBEL, the best!

Thanks to this application created in 2007, you will be able to learn English quickly but also 15 other languages ​​if you feel like it! Today it has become one of the most famous applications for learning English.

With its English language module, you will be able to learn British, American, Irish, Scottish, Canadian and Australian English easily.

The interface of this application is designed in a fun and practical way. Focused on two main principles; tools and vocabulary, BABBEL’s simple goal is to make you quickly become bilingual while respecting your learning pace. The application offers oral and written exercises which will help you understand the language.

The only problem comes from the fact that BABBEL is a paid application, after a first free exercise, you will have to spend € 9.95 / month or € 59.40 / year to be able to continue to benefit from its services.

2 – Duolingo

This application, very well known to French people who want to learn English, no longer needs to be proven. She offers learning English but also many other languages ​​like her big sister BABBEL.

Duolingo offers, for example, learning English through mini games based on vocabulary, spelling, grammar and punctuation exercises.

Duolingo is completely free and does not offer any in-app purchases. You will even be able to start an exercise on your phone and then continue it on your tablet thanks to its backup system.

The evolution of learning will be done little by little and the level of the exercises will constantly adapt to yours and your future progress.

With its fun and easy-to-access exercises, Duolingo has become a benchmark in applications aimed at learning the language of Shakespeare. Complete in its entirety, you will quickly learn English but also many other languages ​​if you wish.

3 – LearnEnglish Grammar UK Edition

This English language learning app was developed by the British Council, and it’s free!

LearnEnglish Grammar UK Edition works in stages and offers question and exercise packs according to your level. Each time you pass a level, download the next level and advance at your own pace.

Each level pack offers more than 600 questions, which means that you have not finished learning with this application!

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This mobile application presents 30 lessons developed with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

The first lesson is free and the following ones will be paying (1.99 € / lesson), however, the quality is there. Each lesson aims to achieve a specific goal and this will be specified at the start of the lesson. You will know in advance what you will learn to say and write in your lesson.

The only downside will be the interface which is less worked than other applications of its kind, which prevents the user from fully immersing himself in his learning during long hours.

5 – BBC Learning World

BBC Learning World is a completely free application and will complement BABBEL or Duolinguo. It offers a comprehensive vocabulary catalog.

You will learn in the shoes of a character who will have a dialogue with his teacher in the form of a text message. This exercise allows you to quickly learn to express yourself in English and quickly make yourself understood thanks to the vocabulary present in the application.

6 – Mosalingua

Mosalingua is a mobile application that promises to learn English quickly with just 5 minutes of lessons per day!

You can assess your English level yourself or take a test that will do it for you. Once this level is determined, your lessons will align with it.

This application still requires a basic level because everything is in English!

7 – Memrise

Memrise is an effective learning tool with vocabulary cards to be learned step by step. These maps are developed and improved with the community of Memrise users. On the other hand, little notion of grammar or spelling in this practical application which lacks a little pep!

Memrise remains a free mobile application with no in-app purchase commitment! Perfect for starting to learn English with ease.

8 – English in One Month

This application offers two versions, a free version, which provides access to some very practical exercises, and a more complete and very intuitive paid version.

English in One Month offers more than 3000 words and phrases in voice files, very practical for perfecting your pronunciation. On the interface side, more than 2000 color images illustrate this application.

9 – Busuu

Busuu has established itself in the landscape of English learning applications thanks to a learning method that is very similar to that of the school. This application offers to learn English with exercises such as dialogues and stories to tell. You will therefore quickly be able to express yourself correctly, especially as Busuu offers a well-stocked bank of audio files.

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Free and small in size, it largely deserves its place in this ranking.

10 – My Word Book 2

This application allows you to synchronize all the vocabulary present in your English learning applications.

However, this free app offers an astronomical amount of in-app purchases.

Its strong point lies in the fact that you will be able to greatly improve your vocabulary quickly and wherever you want!

11 – Elevate

Elevate is primarily intended for people who already have a comfortable level in English. With simple, fun and practical exercises, you will be able to improve not only your vocabulary, but also your grammar and your spelling in English.

Free on IOS and Android, Elevate will make people happy if its users already have a good level of English.

12 – Lingvist

Lingvist stands out from other foreign language learning applications thanks to a simple and very practical interface.

Learning about this application is simple and its artificial intelligence system allows the user’s progress to be monitored diligently. Based on Big Data, you will quickly learn the most important vocabulary words with Lingvist.

The flaw of this mobile application lies in the fact that it does not offer any other language in its learning catalog.

Other solutions for learning English

You have already tested different apps recommended above but you did not get the results you expected. Fortunately, there are other ways to learn to speak fluent English.

Take online courses

Online English lessons with an English speaking teacher will allow you to progress much faster than if you were trying to learn on your own. Indeed, the fact of benefiting from individual lessons with a teacher will considerably accelerate your progress. Your teacher will set up tailor-made courses according to your objectives (travel abroad, preparation for an exam, etc.), and your current skills.

Another big advantage of online courses is pronunciation. When you learn English through a phone application, you can develop bad habits and mispronounce certain words. Having online lessons will allow you to talk face to face with your teacher and the teacher can correct your pronunciation errors.

Learn by watching series

It is a method which has proved its worth but which will of course be less effective than the solution mentioned above. To successfully learn English by watching a series, we recommend that you choose a series that you know well and put the broadcast in English with subtitles. This method is effective only in people who have auditory memory.

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