Visit Arcachon: discover the region’s must-sees

Arcachon is one of the most popular tourist destinations in southwestern France. All year round, this wonderful place attracts tourists from all over to have a good time. The Arcachon basin offers great discoveries for all those who visit it.

A trip to Arcachon for the holidays will allow you to take full advantage of its countless tourist attractions. Between visits to magnificent sites, boat trips and various other activities, you will certainly enjoy yourself there. Focus in this article on the essentials to discover in Arcachon and its surroundings during your stay.

Navigation route on the Arcachon basin

In order to take full advantage of the different places to visit in Arcachon, the ideal would be to use an Arcachon boat rental service to navigate freely. The navigation on the basin offers many possibilities in terms of discoveries. For more comfort, you can opt for the catamaran rental which guarantees you a good time at sea to discover the surroundings of the Arcachon basin.

As for the navigation route on the Arcachon basin, you can set sail for several destinations. You have to take the boat to get to Bird Island or to explore the wonders of the basin. Many embarkation points give you the possibility to take the start from where you want. Boat trips will give you the opportunity to navigate the basin in peace.

What to see around Arcachon with a rental boat?

The options in terms of visits to Arcachon with a rental boat are numerous.

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Bird Island and its Tchanquées huts

Located in the heart of the Arcachon basin, the bird island welcomes you and reveals all its beauty. This islet changes with the tides to offer a magnificent spectacle. 16 km in circumference at low tide, Bird Island passes to 5 km at high tide. The island is the privileged territory of several species of birds according to the seasons. There are birds such as ducks, egrets, teals, curlews, larks, moorhens and many others. Nature is well preserved on this small portion of land.

It will also be the opportunity for you to observe the famous Tchanquées huts. The ideal would be to visit at high tide in order to be as close as possible to these huts perched on stilts. True symbols of the Arcachon basin, these huts were built for the surveillance of oyster farms. A morning visit will allow you to admire the soft reflections of the sun’s rays on the cabins. You will be entitled to intensified colors as well as a magnificent panorama of the Bird Island.

Lège-Cap Ferret

Lège-Cap Ferret is a peninsula that you can reach by boat to enjoy magical places in the area. The charm of this small town grouping together ten small villages is well established. You can walk along the peninsula to reach the point by visiting the oyster-farming villages. Also, do not hesitate to put your feet on the ground to take the detour and climb the 258 steps of the famous Cap de Ferret Lighthouse to amaze you. From the top of the lighthouse, you will have a splendid view over the entire Arcachon basin.

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The dune of Pilat

The dune of Pilat is the unmissable attraction of the whole region, because it is inconceivable to visit Arcachon by skipping this stage. This dune stretches over 3 km long and 500 meters wide with an estimated height of over 100 meters, which makes it the highest dune in Europe. This huge hill made up of millions of m3 sand is to be climbed to the top. Once you reach the top, you will have a breathtaking view of all the surroundings of the Arcachon basin. You also have the option of going down to the other side of the dune to access the beach to relax.

The Banc d’Arguin

Located opposite the dune of Pilat, the Banc d’Arguin is one of the natural wonders of the Arcachon basin. This islet, classified as a nature reserve, is the refuge of several varieties of migratory birds. With the winds and sea currents, this white sandbank changes its appearance all the time. The Banc d’Arguin is spread over an area 4 km long and 2 km wide at low tide. Only accessible by boat, you can take the start from the Thiers jetty in Arcachon to enjoy a landscape that borders on perfection. The Banc d’Arguin presents a face worthy of what can be seen in the Caribbean with its crystal clear waters, ideal for swimming.

Visiting Arcachon and its city center

Arcachon is a large seaside resort on the Atlantic coast, broken down into four zones bearing the names of the seasons. We can distinguish the spring city, the summer city, the autumn city and the winter city. In particular, the city center of Arcachon has several points of interest that you can visit:

  • The Notre-Dame basilica;
  • The place of the marquises;
  • The piers;
  • The Sainte-Cécile observatory;
  • The Moorish park;
  • The Pointe de l’Aiguillon.
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In addition, a visit to Arcachon is also an opportunity for you to taste the local specialties, in particular oysters from the basin, dishes based on fish and good wine from the local vineyard.

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