Where to go bowling in Brest? The Master Brest welcomes you

For your stays in Brest, choose an activity that is both rewarding and entertaining. Make sure everyone can really have fun when you organize your schedule. The Master is one of the essential places to spend time with your loved ones. It is a large play area where bowling is the main distraction. You can learn this discipline if you are a beginner, otherwise it is an opportunity to train and perfect your strategy. Many other activities are also offered there to the delight of young and old alike. All these assets of the establishment guarantee you a recreational day.

Bowling, Brest’s flagship activity

More than just a hobby, bowling is a sport in its own right. The city of Brest thus has many professional players. Most of them regularly organize parties at the Master. You then have the opportunity to witness exceptional know-how as if you were at high-level competitions. This activity requires a lot of skill, but also self-control. The objective is to put the necessary energy into your throw in order to achieve a magnificent strike. This term refers to knocking down all the pins on the first throw. The trick is to aim for the central pin which will have a domino effect on the other elements when it falls. It happens that the ball changes its trajectory along the way or that it lacks power when arriving at the end of the track. You can also try to achieve this feat on one of the establishment’s 16 tracks. You should only wear the specific shoes provided to you which are available in several sizes. You also have the choice between different balls compatible at all levels. It is therefore preferable to indicate whether you are a beginner, an amateur or an expert to the managers of the establishment. Both children and adults can very well organize realistic challenges to spice up the outing.

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Other hobbies to enjoy in this play area

In the event that the tracks are all occupied, you have the possibility of opting for other distractions. There is also billiards, which also requires an effective strategy to defeat your opponent. You have the choice between American billiards tables and large snookers, whatever your level. You can very well initiate yourself to all the hobbies available. Foosball is also an interesting hobby, especially for men. However, many women also enjoy this activity which consists of manipulating figurines to score the maximum number of goals. The little ones can also test their skill with the darts or beat the pinball machine record. All these games require great concentration while encouraging you to work your gray cells. The more adventurous can thus try their luck by playing poker at one of the Master’s electronic tables. If you have a hollow or if you want to regain strength, take a turn on the side of the snack. You will taste good dishes, but you will also find ice cream to quench your thirst.

Note that the establishment also has a bar to discuss your performances over a drink. You also have a Wi-Fi connection to share your best moments with your loved ones on social networks. The Master is also a perfect place to organize authentic birthday parties from the age of 6. There are different formulas and options to meet all your requirements. It is a unique and memorable experience since the moments of relaxation are there.

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Opening hours of the Master:
Monday 14:00–01:00
Tuesday 12:00–02:00
Wednesday 12:00–02:00
Thursday 12:00–02:00
Friday 12:00–02:00
Saturday 2 p.m.–2 a.m.
Sunday 14:00–02:00

Address :
22 Avenue Georges Pompidou, 29200 Brest

Price :
Adults: €6.90, Student children: €5.90

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