What to do in Venice? Our tips for visiting Venice

Venice is a unique city in the world. A stronghold of commerce in the Middle Ages, the Serenissima still conceals priceless treasures today. Staying in Venice is an experience to live at least once in your life. However, like many European cities, Venice is an expensive city. Here are our tips for a stay that is both unusual and economical.

When to leave?

A romantic city par excellence, Venice’s appeal continues to grow, with nearly 30 million visitors each year. The number of tourists per square meter peaks in the summer. If you want to stroll (without too much) being jostled, it is better to favor autumn or even better winter (apart from carnival).

Can we take the children?

Venice has just over 400 bridges. Also, for toddlers, prefer the baby carrier to the stroller, in order to cross the cobblestones and the many stairs, smoothly. For older children, the city is an open-air playground, since it is entirely pedestrianized.

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Top tips for visiting Venice

The traghetto: the gondola only better

Avoid the gondoliers and their prohibitive prices (from 60 to 100 € per half hour) and opt for the traghetto, an alternative used by the Venetians to go from one bank to the other quickly, without making a detour to the next one. bridge. There are eight piers spread across Venice. Find yours, pay a single fare of €3 and board with other passengers. The crossing is done standing up (yes, yes) and lasts a few minutes but you will inevitably keep an unforgettable memory!

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The Rialto Bridge

Climb the steps one by one to the top, then admire the view of the Grand Canal, sumptuous day and night. You can also do some shopping in one of the many souvenir stalls that line the Rialto Bridge

Fontego Dei Tedeschi

Located right next to the Rialto Bridge, the Fontego Dei Tedeschi (or the German warehouse, in French) is a former goods depot, now rehabilitated into a majestic shopping center. In addition to its luxury boutiques, the place has a terrace with a panoramic view on the top floor, where you can visit for free. All you have to do is book your visit slot from the shopping center’s website. On D-Day, all you have to do is enjoy Venice, which is literally at your feet!

The Bridge of Sighs

Many are content to admire it from the outside. What a pity when you know that it can also be visited from the inside! To do this, go to the adjacent Palazzo Ducale and reserve your place for the visit called « the secret routes of the Doge’s Palace ». Prices range from €14 to €20, depending on whether or not you have a reduction card.

Isola Di Pinocchio – Puppets in Venice

Welcome to Roberto Comin, one of the last puppeteers in Venice. Here, everything is handmade, in Venice and with love. Roberto welcomes you free of charge by appointment in his workshop, and explains to you step by step the stages of making his puppets, from the initial sketch to the making of the costumes. Roberto is a man passionate about his job and who expresses himself with a lot of humor, in almost perfect French. To come and admire this goldsmith’s work, just contact Roberto by email via his website.

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If, however, you have a little time left, don’t hesitate to stop on the Piazza San Marco terrace to sip a Spritz Veneziano, the local aperitif drink. Hello! And have a nice stay!

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