Where is Leroy Merlin in Brest? A large multipurpose area!

The installation of this brand in Brest is very recent. It was in the spring of 2017 that the Adeo group set up on site, in the Froutven area.

The commercial offer proposed by Leroy Merlin is not limited to DIY. The brand also focuses on gardening, creative hobbies and even sewing. The Brest/Guipavas store is no exception. Diversity and quality are on the agenda!

Generous dimensions

The Leroy Merlin de Brest sales area covers no less than 17,000 m2. The entire land occupied by the brand is equivalent to 91,000 m2, parking included.

The interior area represents 9,000 m2 while an awning devoted to materials and the garden occupies the rest, 5,900 m2 in all. Customers have 100,000 references at their disposal. The store’s aisles are designed in such a way that 5,000 people can circulate there simultaneously without getting in each other’s way.

Various items

In addition to DIY tools and materials, Leroy Merlin’s first specialty, the Brest store gives pride of place to decoration. From the entrance, the lights and curtains are well highlighted. A huge household stand is present in the store. Everything is planned to personalize your interior: friezes to put on the walls, cushions, blinds as well as colored LED bulbs… The latest wallpapers are also on display in these departments.

Buy… but also rent!

The rental of DIY equipment is now part of the habits. Both economical and ecological, this use avoids overconsumption and concerns all electrical appliances on sale on site. The hammer drill and the thermal mower can also be rented from Leroy Merlin.

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Efficiency is also at the rendezvous on the purchasing side. It is indeed possible to order the desired items online and pick them up at your Leroy Merlin store in Brest.

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Interactive workshops

At the entrance to the store, on the right side, discover the makers’ workshop. These makers develop or repair objects. You can rent various devices useful for this individual work: workbenches, sewing machines and even 3D printers!

In addition, daily workshops are organized with various themes: DIY, gardening but also sewing and creative hobbies… Shared gardens are also part of the services offered by your Leroy Merlin in Brest.

Teams at your service

At Leroy Merlin, almost all of the employees are also brand shareholders. For the Brest store, 115 advisers were specially recruited and then trained. Fifteen additional people came from other brands to complete the team.

The smile is de rigueur among the sales advisers who are particularly attentive to customers. In this vast and bright store, all the conditions are met for a friendly welcome.

Practical information

Your large Leroy Merlin DIY and leisure area is easily accessible. Meet in the Froutven area in Brest/Guipavas, at 35 rue de Keradrien. The store is open from Monday to Saturday inclusive, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The materials yard opens at 7 a.m. On August 15, the store is exceptionally open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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