How to decorate your table for Christmas?

Do you want to decorate your table for Christmas but you don’t know how? Discover all our tips!

This year, are you the one receiving your loved ones on New Year’s Eve? In addition to the tree, it is necessary to compose a beautiful table to brighten up the evening. The challenge is also to impress your family or friends. But how do you go about being original? Forget traditional tablecloths and deja-vu table runners, pull out all the stops! And no need to go broke in a decoration store to illuminate a table. Colours, natural elements, atmospheres, trendy or DIY ideas, there is something for everyone. Find all our bright ideas to decorate your table for Christmas!

What colors for a Christmas table decoration?

There are colors that often come up on a Christmas table. Red, for example, is one of the must-have shades during the holiday season. But if you want to do more original, think about color associations.

Thus, blue and gold go well together. These two shades will bring a lot of elegance to a New Year’s Eve table. Perfect also if you like the art deco style. And if you don’t particularly like these shades, opt instead for pink in harmony with gold or silver. As for black plain with gold, it immediately enhances a table decoration for Christmas.

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But nothing prevents you from playing tone on tone. On the contrary, a pretty monochrome can create a very special atmosphere on Christmas Eve. For example, beige can be given pride of place on the table through the choice of tablecloth and decorations.

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Dim light at the table for a successful decoration

For a festive table in the Christmas atmosphere, bet on the play of lights. On the table, scatter candles, candle holders, small electric garlands, candlesticks…

The challenge is to create a warm and family atmosphere. But be careful of the accumulation so as not to disturb your guests once seated. And if you have a fireplace, take the opportunity to light a good fire.

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Decorating your table for Christmas at the last minute: long live the natural!

If you’ve run out of decorative ideas when setting your Christmas table, don’t panic! There is a trick to compose a pretty party table with next to nothing.

Take a tour of the natural elements that you have at home or that are outside, in a nearby environment. In the woods, for example, you will easily find pine cones, fir branches or holly. Collect some natural elements to put them on your table. If you have driftwood, place it in a vase in the center of the table. And on the branches hang some Christmas decorations (balls, for example).

And to make it more original, also think of dried citrus fruits that you can arrange on a pretty plate. Not forgetting the fir branch above the table to complete the warm atmosphere. The conifer will diffuse its good smell of forest throughout the room. The table sky branch, a trendy decorative idea not to be overlooked!

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And if for the New Year’s Eve table, we forgot the tablecloth?

To decorate your table for Christmas, the first instinct is to buy a pretty tablecloth. But it’s nothing very original. And if rather we forgot it this year?

If you opt for a Scandinavian-style Christmas, it is fashionable to choose minimalism. The dishes as well as the decoration are placed directly on the table, without any intermediary. And on a beautiful wooden dining room table, it can be the best effect. Ideal if you want to spend convivial and warm parties, far from the superfluous.

On the other hand, there is an alternative to the traditional tablecloth. It is then a question of opting for the tablecloth path that dresses a table without cluttering it. Select a model in the spirit of your decoration, while ensuring that it does not disturb your guests.

Finally, to brighten up your table without a tablecloth, you can also use wooden cutlery rests. This will highlight your beautiful dishes. And always in the authentic spirit, also think of placemats in the shape of wooden logs. Guaranteed effect on your loved ones!

Decorate the plates, a trendy idea

It is quite possible to decorate your table for Christmas in a light way and bet on the decoration of the plates. There are several possibilities to impress your guests on New Year’s Eve.

The first trendy idea turns out to be ultra minimalist. Just slide a Christmas ball on the plate, in association with a natural element like a fir twig.

Then, you can create a napkin ring with a fir branch, and place it in the middle of the plate. This presentation is very elegant. You just need to practice napkin folding.

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Ideas to recycle to decorate your table for Christmas

Christmas is prepared well in advance, if you want to create a homemade decoration. A few months before the end of the year, keep containers and boxes that may be useful to you. Indeed, with jars or small baby jars, it is easy to create a unique and personalized Christmas decoration. It’s about smart recycling. And in addition to saving money, DIY is good for the planet.

Here are some ideas for making a table decoration yourself:

  • in glass jars, arrange a few candles or small light garlands. Then, put them in the center of the table to brighten up New Year’s Eve;
  • in a transparent ball bought in a creative hobby store, arrange natural elements such as a fir twig or eucalyptus leaves. Your Christmas bauble will be unique and full of authenticity;
  • then take wine glasses, turn them over and place decorations under the globe (small subjects, fir branches, figurines, Christmas balls, etc.). Be original to surprise your guests;
  • create a small original Christmas wreath using colored paper. Then use the creation as a centerpiece;
  • compose a natural Christmas wreath using string and pine cones. Then place the decoration on the table in its center, making sure that it does not disturb the guests during the meal;

Finally, if you have small glass lanterns, decorate your table with this object. Inside, slip Christmas decorations such as balls.

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