Visa Infinite card: prices, conditions, limits, advantages

Among the various Visa cards, there is the Infinite. It is a luxury card that offers many privileges. Discover all the advantages of having this blue card. We also reveal all the subtleties of this Visa Infinite card: who can hold it? What do the guarantees and assistance contain? What does the Visa Infinite card club offer? Focus on this means of payment like no other.

Who is the visa infinite card for?

The Visa Infinite card is a luxury card. Consequently, it is reserved for customers with proof of a annual income above 100,000 euros.

What are the advantages of the infinite card?

The Visa Infinite card has the highest payment limit. Its withdrawal limit is also higher than that of all other existing bank cards.

Holders of this blue card can make any purchase.


Per day it is possible to withdraw 5000 euros with the visa Infinite card. However, the amount withdrawn must not exceed 15,000 euros over 7 days.

In the event of withdrawal from an ATM other than that of the bank, the limit is reduced to 5,000 euros over 7 days.


Thanks to this luxury card, it is possible to spend 20,000 euros over 30 days. Be aware, however, that the payment limits vary very slightly depending on the banking institution.

Annual membership fee

Holders of a Visa Infinite bank card must pay an annual fee of 280 euros.

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Infinite card insurance and assistance

The insurance works when payment has been made with your card. As far as assistance is concerned, it is operational as soon as you have the Visa Infinite card.


Here are the different guarantees available to you:

  • Modification, cancellation or interruption of travel for health problem, material damage or professional reasons: up to 10,000 euros including tax per insured and per calendar year.
  • Transport delay greater than 4 hours (and more than 6 hours for Charter flights): up to 840 euros including tax per delay.
  • Delay, loss, theft or damage to luggage: in the event of a delay of more than 6 hours, basic necessities costs are reimbursed up to 840 euros including tax. In other situations, the compensation is up to 1800 euros including tax per piece of luggage. The theft of luggage at the hotel or in the rental car is also taken into account up to 1600 euros including tax per luggage.
  • Snow and mountain injury. The insurance covers the costs of mountain rescue and search. Unused ski pass and ski lesson days are also refunded. And this, from the day after the disaster.
  • Damage, theft or loss of rented ski equipment. The insurance reimburses the costs left to your charge.
  • Damage to the rental car. Reimbursement of the total amount of repairs or restoration of the vehicle is made.
  • Death or permanent disability occurring during the trip: up to 620,000 euros including tax per insured.


This is exceptional assistance including:

  • The delivery of medication, glasses, contact lenses or hearing aids;
  • assistance in the event of legal proceedings in a foreign country;
  • an advance on hospitalization costs;
  • the cost of transporting a relative in the event of hospitalization for more than 10 days and the return of the accompanying person in the same way as that of the injured person;
  • the repatriation of pets in the event of an inability to care for them in the context of a travel accident;
  • a replacement driver to drive the customer’s vehicle in the event of incapacity;
  • the care of children under 15 by a qualified person supported in the event of repatriation.
  • reimbursement of medical expenses payable by the client;
  • payment of repatriation and funeral expenses in the event of death.
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Please note, this is a non-exhaustive list. All warranties are listed on the cardholder’s insurance contract.

Concierge service

This service is available every day and 24 hours a day. It is a private concierge service that responds to all requests, even the most urgent or unusual.

Among the various services provided by this concierge, there are:

  • booking tickets (theatre, opera, plane, etc.), hotels, rental cars, etc.
  • the organization of events;
  • delivery of gifts, flowers…
  • luxury car rental;
  • the search for a service provider (childcare, etc.);
  • the search for various information such as weather, traffic, etc.

Visa Infinite Club

By holding the Visa Infinite card, you automatically enter its club to live unique experiences. All you have to do is register on the site or the application to follow all the events (ballet, opera, etc.).

The visa Infinite club also invites you to rare events such as a visit to a haute couture workshop or a private exhibition.

The club also entitles you to privileges with renowned brands such as the Barrière hotels. The card holder thus benefits from preferential rates, private sales and a privileged welcome (free aperitif, upgrade, etc.).

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