Foriou direct debit: what does it correspond to and what to do?

By consulting your latest account statements, you have noticed the appearance of a new wording: “Foriou direct debit”. What could it be? Is it a scam? Find out everything you need to know about the Foriou direct debit. And follow the guide to dispute this charge. Thanks to our advice, stop the Foriou direct debit from your account as soon as possible.

What does the Foriou direct debit correspond to?

What is Foriou?

Foriou is above all the name of a company specializing in cashback. Behind this term hides a promotional technique. It allows consumers to benefit from discounts when they buy products from the company’s partner merchants.

In addition, Foriou is also the name of the program whose principle is quite simple: you pay a contribution from the start of your subscription in the amount of ten euros. Then, you are deducted every month. This allows you to benefit from advantages (private sales, reductions, discounts, etc.) throughout the year on the websites participating in the program.

How to benefit from Foriou advantages?

To be part of the privileged consumers of Foriou, you must respect the following steps:

  • connect to the site and create your customer account. During each connection, you will have to enter your email address and your password;
  • then, choose the formula best suited to your mode of consumption in order to make the most of your subscription;
  • then fill in your bank card number, its expiry date and the three-digit pictogram located on the back of the credit card;
  • wait a few minutes for the transaction to complete;
  • Finally, when paying, always fill in your Foriou account to benefit from the advantage.
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Note: a few days after creating your account, you will receive a Foriou membership card by mail. This will tell you your customer number as well as the steps to take to take advantage of commercial offers.

Foriou: is it really advantageous?

Several advantages are offered to you with the Foriou program:

  • as soon as you subscribe to the Foriou privilege card, you benefit from a welcome offer of 70 euros. This allows you to make your first contribution profitable;
  • then, you can benefit from up to more than 80% discounts at certain Foriou partners;
  • on the other hand, you are informed in advance of the private sales to come;
  • and every year, the program offers you 150 euros in reductions, which allows you to make significant savings, especially during the Christmas holidays;
  • finally, know that Foriou has established a partnership with Visa to offer you a prepaid card. This bank card is used to pay for purchases at Foriou e-merchant partners.

I was charged a Foriou direct debit, Why ?

By consulting your account statement, you have noticed a wording under the name “Foriou direct debit”. Several explanations are possible:

  • you subscribed to Foriou and you completely forgot. In this case, log in to your customer area. And if you do not wish to continue the subscription, simply request its termination from Foriou customer service;
  • Foriou is an optional service offered when you order an item generally sold remotely. Sometimes the seller is not very explicit. Consequently, it is not always easy to understand immediately that one signs with Foriou by means of a monthly subscription. You may have given your consent to join a Foriou contract without knowing the exact conditions;
  • someone you know or a crook may have subscribed to Foriou using your bank card. Contact customer service to cancel your subscription or change the direct debit account. If it is credit card fraud, file a complaint with a gendarmerie or a police station.
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Unauthorized withdrawal, what to do ?

Contact Foriou customer service

To obtain information on this payment, simply contact Foriou customer service. Several options are available to you:

  • by telephone on 0 806 80 80 80;
  • by email by sending your message to the following address:;
  • by logging into your Foriou customer area;
  • by mail by addressing your letter to the Customer Relations Department of Foriou: FORIOU – 1 rue Camille Claudel – 26100 Romans sur Isère.

In your message, ask them for a copy of the contract and the direct debit mandate. Also demand the cessation of direct debits as well as the reimbursement of sums unduly debited from your bank account.

In the event of a dispute, Foriou ensures that it terminates the contracts and reimburses the customer within 15 days maximum. As for customers who accept the offer, they have the option of canceling free of charge during the first month. However, in reality, consumers generally obtain the cessation of direct debits or a refund later, and after several letters.

Remedies to contest the direct debits

If you do not win your case quickly, take the approach of contacting your bank to contest the direct debit. You have 13 months following the debit date to do so (article L. 133-24 of the Monetary and Financial Code). According to Article L. 133-18 of the same Code, the financial institution must then reimburse you immediately.

Finally, as a last resort, you can make a report to the fraud prevention services of Drôme, the department where Foriou’s head office is located. Send your mail to the following address: DDPP – 33, avenue de Romans – BP 96 – 26904 Valence Cedex 9, or send an email to this mailbox:

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Foriou Termination Letter Template

Last name First Name

Full address

Phone number and email

To the attention of,

Foriou Termination Service

BP 141

26104 Romans sur Isère

Subject: request for termination of contract no. XXX

(registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt)


By this letter, I request the termination of my contract No. XXX by your services. I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this letter and confirm the effective date of termination.

In the meantime, please accept the expression of my best regards.


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