Bank of Savoy

Perhaps you have already heard of the Banque de Savoie. Although present in a very limited territory, the establishment celebrated its centenary in 2012. This organization on a human scale offers a full range of banking services for individuals, businesses and professionals. Before becoming a client of the Banque de Savoie, discover in detail its various offers as well as its prices.

The Bank of Savoy: who is she ?

Created in 1912, the Banque de Savoie asserts its human size due to its limited scope of action. In addition, it is made up of around fifty agencies spread over the departments of Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isère, Ain and Rhône. In total, more than 300 employees work to serve 50,000 customers.

On the other hand, the Banque de Savoie joined the BPCE group. It is the second largest banking group in France. And the Banque de Savoie offers a full range of banking services for individuals, companies, associations, institutions and professionals (liberal professions, traders, etc.).

Opening an account : how to do ?

As an individual, you can open an account at the Banque de Savoie by going to a branch. To make an appointment with an advisor, complete the online form: -0-0. An advisor will then contact you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment.

Note that you can also call the following number: 0 820 210 126, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. (0.12 €/min + price of a call).

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banking services

Credit debit card

Several cards are offered to individual customers:

  • the Visa Premier or Classic Facelia bank card is an international credit card allowing you to pay in cash or on credit. For each transaction, you choose your mode of payment according to your finances and your needs;
  • the Platinum Facelia card is a top-of-the-range CB intended for privileged customers. With this means of payment, you can pay cash for your daily purchases or spread out the payment of your expenses by using the revolving credit linked to the card.

Payment cards

The Banque de Savoie provides its private customers with various payment cards:

  • SM@RT’retrait is a troubleshooting service integrated into the Cyberplus mobile app. With this offer, withdraw money at any time using your smartphone. It is an innovative and simple solution, available continuously (every day, 24 hours a day);
  • the Visa Classic card to pay for your expenses in France and abroad;
  • the Visa Premier card to benefit from greater withdrawal and payment capacity than with a classic CB (in France and abroad);
  • the Visa Platinum card (top of the range);
  • the Visa Infinite card for high-end services and benefits;
  • the Visa Electron card with systematic authorization from the first euro;
  • the international mobility offer in order to benefit from an unlimited number of payments and five ATM withdrawals per month (subject to conditions).

relationship conventions

This offer served by the Banque de Savoie comes in four versions:

  • the Altitude agreement allows you to take advantage of banking products and services at very advantageous prices;
  • the convention Jeunes Avenir exclusively reserved for young people aged 18 to 28;
  • the Essential agreement reserved for customers who do not have checkbooks;
  • the support offer for customers in fragile situations.
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remote banking

With regard to remote banking, it includes several services:

  • the digital safe to group all of your dematerialized documents in a completely secure and confidential space;
  • the international mobility transfer offer to make two transfers per month at a preferential rate outside the euro zone, using the Cyberplus service;
  • Cyberplus BS (continuous home banking service) to access information and advice from your bank. The service also allows you to take advantage of special offers from time to time;
  • SMS + consists of sending an SMS to 6 11 10. You will then receive the balance, the last three transactions of your current account, as well as the balance on your bank card on your phone;
  • finally, audio BS allows you to query your account at any time (service without obligation).​

The international mobility offer

Then, the Banque de Savoie’s international mobility offer includes:

  • an international card mobility offer to use your credit card abroad as if you were in France;
  • an international mobility transfer offer to fund an account abroad through two monthly transfers at a preferential rate.

Other services

savings products

The Banque de Savoie offers several savings products:

  • savings accounts;
  • Housing Savings ;
  • term investments;
  • life insurance ;
  • financial savings;
  • tax optimization products.

The loans

Four types of offers are available at the Banque de Savoie:

  • real estate loans;
  • personal loans;
  • revolving credit;
  • and rental with option to buy a car.

The insurance

Finally, several insurances are offered by the financial institution:

  • personal insurance to protect you and your family;
  • vehicle insurance (car, motorcycle, etc.);
  • home insurance to protect your home;
  • coverage of means of payment;
  • and account insurance to secure your assets and accounts.
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The rates

At 1er January 2019, the rates applied by the Banque de Savoie are as follows:

  • 17 euros per year for the maintenance of a standard account;
  • 30 euros per year for maintaining an inactive account;
  • 29 euros per year for insurance for loss or theft of means of payment;
  • 4.26 euros per month for remote banking (Internet subscription);
  • 0.24 euros per SMS alert (per unit).

You can consult all the pricing on the Banque de Savoie website: =1&EditorialVaryHashPath=-1675899816&vary=0-0-0

Access my account : how to do ?

To access your personal space and consult your accounts online via the Cyberplus service, click on the “Access to my accounts” button, located at the top right of the home page, or go directly to the following page:

Then enter your username and your confidential code. In case of difficulties, know that you can consult the demo of the Cyberplus service.

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