How to gain weight in a week?

You do not want to lose weight but, on the contrary, to gain weight? Are you very thin, even skinny and want to gain volume? Follow our advice to gain a few pounds quickly. What should be done to gain weight in a smart and sustainable way? We explain everything about high-calorie foods and the habits to take to plump up. Get fat without risking your health!

Gain weight in 7 days, recommended foods and those to avoid

To increase your BMI, eat high-calorie foods and indulge yourself by adding flavor to your meals.


In the dairy products department, rush on peanut butter, on cheeses in general as well as on whole milk.

On the other hand, favor meals based on charcuterie and red meat. As far as fruits and vegetables are concerned, trust bananas, avocado, but also dried fruits such as walnuts, almonds, raisins, hazelnuts… A small handful of these fruits at the end of each meal should help you to gain weight quickly.

To avoid

On the other hand, to gain weight quickly, ignore raw vegetables in general, green salad and apples. This acts as an appetite suppressant!


Always enrich your dishes by adding food products such as powdered milk, grated cheese or fresh cream. A homemade soup or mash with melted Gruyere should make you gain weight.
Also remember to sauce your dishes generously, especially on your vegetables.

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How to balance your meals to gain weight?

Wanting to get fat doesn’t mean throwing yourself on all the pastries and sweets. Not to mention fast food burgers and fries. It is important to balance your meals if you want to gain weight in a smart way, that is, without putting your health at risk.

Consume at least one dairy product as well as fruits and vegetables. Also eat meat (preferably red), fish or eggs. Legumes should also be on the menu as well as starches and bread. In general, never leave the table without having swallowed cheese.

On the other hand, do not be afraid to multiply the meals. Give yourself several snacks a day. Morning, afternoon, evening… Indulge yourself with a snack. Preferably, bet on cheese toast or biscuits soaked in a good glass of milk. Accumulating snacks is the ideal way to gain weight quickly, especially if you have a small appetite.

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A healthy lifestyle to gain weight

Limit deviations as much as possible. They interfere with weight gain. Avoid tobacco, a real appetite suppressant, but also certain drinks such as coffee, tea or soda. Alcohol is also contraindicated if you want to plump up.

Forget your addictions and focus on sport. Bet on bodybuilding which will make you gain muscle rather than fat. Note, do not practice any sporting activity. Cycling, swimming or walking will have the opposite effect by making you lose weight.
If you’re not into sports, practice activities like walking that will whet your appetite.

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Also favor a good habit of sleep. Sleep at least eight hours a night so that you are well rested and de-stressed. Nervousness will not be your best ally to gain curves.

Finally, take care of your sociability by eating out, in restaurants or with friends. A beautiful table and conviviality will stimulate your appetite!

Constitutional Leanness, can you lose weight in a short time?

Gaining weight isn’t just about willpower. Physiology also plays an important role. If you’ve been skinny forever, it will be harder for you to gain weight in a week. Gaining extra pounds will take determination and patience.

To help you in your approach, consult a specialist (dietician or nutritionist). These professionals will support you in your weight gain.

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