How to deposit a check at Monabanq?

Depositing a check at Monabanq turns out to be a very simple and easy to implement activity. It is an online bank that has understood that its customers also want to retain the attractions of physical banking, such as simplified cash deposits or check deposits in branches.

Monabanq is a bank that easily seduces its public. There are no resource requirements to open an account with them. This is one of their great strengths. Anyone can become a customer of this bank and benefit from their services. It’s not free, but it’s not expensive either.. It only costs €2/month with a classic bank card.

Monabanq belongs to Crédit Mutuel. It is a bank which is authorized to use the physical banking services made available to the CIC. Thus, the deposit of cash or checks is greatly facilitated.

In this article, we are going to focus on depositing checks. This can be done in two different ways: by post or at the ATM. The two solutions are complementary for use, which makes them a great strength.

Choose deposit of check by post

Not everyone lives near a city center or a CIC bank branch. It is always more difficult to know exactly where and when to deposit your check. Some agencies will even close access to check deposit outside working hours.

Postage is a safe and effective way to fund your current account with the money on the check.

The steps to follow for the check deposit are very simple. It is necessary to protect yourself from the check remittance slip. The latter is not to be ordered. Just go from its customer area and print it directly at home. Then, in the envelope, you will place this slip and the check. The shipment will be made, by simple mail, without registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, to Monabanq Service Bancaire, 59078 Lille CEDEX.

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To best protect your check, we strongly advise you to sign it on the back with the account number. You will be much more relaxed, because if it is stolen, it cannot be cashed.

Go to a counter to deposit the check

CIC’s bank branches are there to meet the expectations of Monabanq customers. About 2,000 distributors are present in France. This offers a wide panel for accessing a bank branch and depositing a check there.

To do this, nothing very complicated: take your bank card, then go to an ATM. Insert the card and choose “cheque deposit” from the menu. The amount on the check will be entered by you using the numeric keypad. At last, remember to sign the back of the check while not forgetting the receipt of proof of deposit provided by the distributor. In the event of a problem, this document will serve as proof of your deposit in such agency, at such time. As long as the money is not credited to the account, it must be kept safe.

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