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Among the traditional banks, Crédit Agricole is one of the best known in France. Moreover, the financial organization covers the entire territory with its regional funds. Among them, Crédit Agricole Finistère, which has the largest number of customers in the department. Discover the complete offer of the establishment in terms of services, cards, savings, online account. Everything you need to know about CA Finistère, including its rates.

Who is Crédit Agricole Finistère?

In France, there are 2,447 local Crédit Agricole branches. And all of these regional mutuals hold most of the capital of the 53 regional mutuals. Crédit Agricole has 30,000 directors for 10 million members and 27 million individual customers.

It is a bank intended for all customers, individuals such as companies or local authorities, farmers, etc. And thanks to its regional roots, it appears as a daily bank in the eyes of the French.

On the other hand, the financial organization offers its customers a complete range of savings, investments, life insurance, loans, means of payment and insurance. Crédit Agricole is present in almost all local markets in France.

Crédit Agricole du Finistère is one of the 53 Regional Banks in France. Moreover, it is the first banking group in the department, with more than 200,000 customers. Throughout the territory, you will find 131 points of sale and more than 1,300 employees. The objective is then to establish a close relationship with the people of Finistère.

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Open an account at Crédit Agricole Finistère

To open a bank account in a Crédit Agricole Finistère branch, the steps are taken in branch. An advisor will then open your bank account.

To find the CA agency closest to your home, you can use the online tool available on the establishment’s website:

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Crédit Agricole Finistère banking services

Account to Compose

The Account to compose banking service allows you to choose the services that best meet your needs. This is a personalized offer that is built around a base. This is essential to make your deposit account work on a daily basis.

Among the available modules are:

  • overdraft control;
  • securing your insurance budget with the reimbursement of your contributions in the event of a hard blow;
  • monitoring your accounts;
  • distance shopping, etc.

Note: there is also the Account to compose Protected Budget. This is an offer intended for customers in a situation of financial fragility. For 1 euro per month, you have traditional banking services by limiting bank charges.

The Eko offer

The Eko offer consists of a bank card and an application for 2 euros per month. In detail, the service includes:

  • an international Mastercard that can be used worldwide;
  • the possibility of withdrawing cash from Crédit Agricole ATMs;
  • a flat rate of 25 withdrawals per year in other ATMs in France and in the European Union;
  • a balance control card to control your budget and avoid overdrafts;
  • contactless payment;
  • insurance and assistance guarantees included;
  • the My Bank application to monitor accounts on a day-to-day basis;
  • an SMS alert if your account balance is less than 20 euros;
  • no overdraft allowed.
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Bank cards

Crédit Agricole Finistère offers a wide range of bank cards. Beyond the simple means of payment, these are insurance and assistance services, with advantages to make life easier (car rental without deposit, for example).

Among the CBs available:

  • the company card;
  • MasterCard;
  • Gold Mastercard;
  • Gold Mastercard Cartwin;
  • Mastercard Cartwin;
  • Mozaic map;
  • Visa Classic card;
  • Visa Infinite Card…

savings products

Like other traditional banks, CA Finistère also offers savings products including:

  • Booklet A;
  • The Sustainable and Solidarity Development booklet;
  • The Young Mozaic booklet;
  • THE P ;
  • Housing savings (PEL, CEL, etc.);
  • Term savings.

Other services

Contactless or smartphone payment

To save time during your transactions with merchants, you can use contactless or smartphone payment. In this way, there is no need to enter your 4-digit secret code.

Access to online accounts

Crédit Agricole Finistère allows you to consult your current account, your savings as well as your current loans or insurance contract remotely (by landline or mobile phone, or on the Internet).

From your home, you can also request a RIB/IBAN or a checkbook, as well as carry out all your day-to-day operations (transfer, stock market management, etc.).

Note: to access all banking services securely, whether by telephone or online, you use the same unique personal code.

SMS alert

As soon as your account is in danger of being overdrawn, you will receive an email notification. This monthly package is billed at 2.45 euros.

The rates of Crédit Agricole Finistère

In the ranking of the 127 least expensive banks in France, Crédit Agricole Finistère appears at 95th rank.

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Maintaining a standard or inactive account is charged 30 euros per year. The amount of insurance for loss or theft of means of payment is 24 euros per year, or 2 euros per month. As for the Internet subscription, it is free.

With regard to the Eko offer, be aware that the products and services not included in the offer are invoiced according to the tariff schedule in force.

You can find all the rates applied to 1er January 2019 on the CA Finistère website:

Access the Crédit Agricole Finistère online account

To access your online accounts, the process is very simple. Click on the « access my accounts » button, located at the top right of the CA Finistère homepage.

Then type your 11-digit ID using your keyboard. The code appears on your account statements. Then, enter your 6-digit confidential code using the virtual keyboard.

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