Credit for banking ban: possible solutions

Sometimes all it takes is an NSF check to be banned from banking. And once registered with the Banque de France, it is difficult to be credible with banking organizations. Moreover, it is almost impossible to be lent money by a traditional bank when one is under the influence of a banking ban. However, there are alternative solutions to take out a loan. Indeed, some organizations are open to people with bank records. Discover all the means to have a sum of money to carry out your personal or professional projects.

Traditional banks VS online banks

Traditional banks refuse to lend money to people registered with the Banque de France. And on the side of online banks, it is also difficult. However, several online banks have specialized in this niche. Among them, the NEF. This is a solidarity finance cooperative that offers people on file credits to maintain a professional activity, support an association with a social purpose or carry out work in housing (subject to respecting the ecological charter of the organization of credit).

As for Ile-de-France residents and inhabitants of the Paris region, they can turn to the Banque Postale, the Caisse d’Epargne Ile-de-France and Laser Cofinoga to be lent money, even if they are prohibited from banking.

The mini credit

The mini credit, also called fast credit, is a consumer credit which concerns sums less than 1000 euros. Generally, during a first request, you can be loaned 200 euros. And the borrowable amount will be greater if the repayment is made under good conditions.

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As its name suggests, this type of loan is quick to take out. You make an online request, provide the required supporting documents and get an answer within 24 hours. As for the repayment of the fast credit, it must take place within a maximum of one month.

Although open to people registered with the Banque de France, you must be able to repay your mini credit.


If you need to borrow a small amount of money (up to 3000 euros), turn to microcredit. This type of loan is offered by credit organizations for prohibited banking (CAF, municipal credits, etc.). Beyond the second-hand car or the repair of the vehicle, it is possible to use the money from the loan in other situations (financing of the driving license or professional training, payment of health costs badly reimbursed…).

Note that some municipalities also have a budget dedicated to people in financial difficulty. And the Red Cross also grants loans in favor of the poorest.

If you have a bank account, make a request to one of these organisations. Depending on the urgency of your file, its processing will take more or less time. To build your case, social assistance can also help you.

Note: generally, microcredits have an interest rate of around 4% and the repayment period ranges between 6 and 36 months.

The Adie

As a banking interdict wishing to start a business creation, you can be lent money by Adie. This credit organization supports consumer projects by helping them to achieve their professional project.

Mortgage credit

Registered persons who own their home can turn to mortgage credit. Credit agencies grant a loan by making a mortgage on your property. In other words, your accommodation is used as a deposit. This is a security for the lending institution.

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Be careful, before taking out this type of loan, make sure you are in full capacity to repay your credit in the years to come. Otherwise, you risk losing your home. So be careful!

The pledge loan

If you have valuables such as jewelry or paintings, pledged credit is a solution for bank bans.

The principle is very simple: your material goods constitute a pledge. It works much the same way as the deposit in the context of a mortgage loan.

You will need to find a credit agency interested in your valuable item and willing to pledge it to grant you the loan. In addition, it is not the most common way to obtain credit in the event of a banking ban.

Crowdfunding and between individuals

The other solution to be lent money while being registered with the bank is to go through credit organizations specializing in loans between individuals. This is an increasingly common practice that allows investors to grow their capital. As for the borrower, he can benefit from attractive interest rates.

On the other hand, the lender is less suspicious than a traditional bank. A bank ban will thus have a chance to be loaned a sum of money more easily.

Specialized establishments

Highly rated companies have specialized in over-indebtedness and loans to files at the Banque de France. Among the solutions offered, there is the repurchase of FICP credit. The principle is to reduce monthly credit payments by increasing the repayment period.

Call a broker

If you are FICP, it may be a good idea to go see a broker. This professional will direct you to organizations specializing in banking prohibitions.

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Breaking free from the Banque de France

If you are on the FCC bank account, it is necessary to regularize the incident to get rid of it. For this, it is necessary to make the refused payments by supplying the deficit account. Then ask for proof of payment and send it to the Banque de France. The organization will then take care of removing you from its file.

Be careful, if you do nothing, the file lasts five years for NSF checks or two years in the event of credit card abuse.

Once removed from the Banque de France file, you are no longer prohibited from banking. The credits are therefore available to you again!

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