How do I change bank card at the Banque Postale?

Does your La Banque Postale bank card no longer meet your needs? You may also want to change it due to loss, theft, fraudulent use or malfunction. In any case, find out the procedures to follow. We tell you all about the formalities to be completed to change your bank card at the Postal Bank.

Procedure for changing bank card at the Postal Bank

As a first step, you should contact your La Banque Postale bank adviser to explain your desire to change your credit card. He will then advise you on the bank cards available.

To contact your adviser, there are different possibilities: by telephone, by e-mail, or by going directly to your post office. However, it is best to make an appointment beforehand.

Terminate your Banque Postale bank card

First, know that your La Banque Postale bank card is linked to an account with a contract. This is concluded for an indefinite period. However, it is quite possible to cancel your current bank card. And this, at any time without having to terminate the linked account.

Generally, the credit card is valid for two years and the renewal procedure is launched automatically fifteen days before the expiry date. So, unless you intervene, your banker will provide you with a new card even if the old one has expired.

To cancel your bank card at the Banque Postale, you must send a cancellation letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the establishment’s customer service. Be aware, however, that there is a notice period of one month to respect. In your termination letter, do not forget to mention the account number linked to your bank card.

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Then, upon receipt of your letter, the Postal Bank will send you an acknowledgment letter. And the termination will be effective one month later, when the deadline has passed. Note that if the termination occurs before the end of the validity of the credit card, the Postal Bank will reimburse you the annual fee taking into account the pro rata of the remaining period of validity.

Finally, you will have to return the bank card to the establishment for destruction, or send a sworn statement to certify that the means of payment has indeed been destroyed.

Please note, if you wish to cancel your current account at the same time as your card, this is a different procedure.

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Change your credit card options online

On the other hand, if you wish to change your bank card at the Banque Postale because its options no longer correspond to your needs, be aware that the process can be carried out online by you.

Indeed, since 1er April 2019, La Banque Postale allows its customers who hold a Visa payment card to personalize and configure their credit card free of charge. The operation is carried out from the mobile application, without having to go to the post office. All you have to do is connect to your space and go to the « My cards » section of the application. This is continuously available.

Thus, in addition to consulting the withdrawal and payment limits, you can activate or deactivate contactless payment, online payment and the amount of the limits. It is also possible to block your card temporarily and then reactivate it. In the same way, you can make an opposition on your credit card in the event of loss or theft of your means of payment.

Change your La Banque Postale credit card after an opposition

If your La Banque Postale bank card is lost or stolen, you must oppose it. This process remains essential to avoid fraudulent use of your means of payment.

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However, be aware that this is an irreversible operation. Even if you find your credit card after opposition, it will no longer be valid and must be destroyed.

To order a new bank card from the Banque Postale after opposition, you must proceed as follows:

  • contact your advisor to oppose your card;
  • file a complaint with the gendarmerie or the police station closest to your home, if it is a theft. The filing of a complaint will be requested from you by the Postal Bank if the fraud is proven;
  • then ask your bank adviser to order a new card for you;
  • wait for a fortnight before receiving your new means of payment and your new confidential code.

Change La Banque Postale card for automatic renewal

You should know that all credit cards have a validity date. Present on the front of the credit card, it is presented in the form of month and year (MM/YY). After this period, your card is no longer valid, but expired or expired. Therefore, you can no longer pay for your purchases or withdraw money through it.

To change the card, you have practically nothing to do. Indeed, fifteen days before the expiry date, the Postal Bank automatically renews your bank card. This is then available at the post office the day after the expiry date. Thus, you have a mode of payment without interruption.

How are the bank card and PIN sent?

When changing your bank card at the Banque Postale, you must collect your new means of payment at the post office. However, if you are unable to travel, it is possible to receive the credit card by post.

And on the other hand, for security reasons, your new bank card and your confidential code are sent in two separate shipments. Upon receipt of your new credit card, the Postal Bank will send you your new secret code by post. Do not disclose it to anyone, including those around you, and retain it so that you do not keep any written records.

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Do I have to pay to redo a bank card at the Banque Postale?

Some banks do not charge for the change of credit card. On the other hand, it is a paying service at the Postal Bank. The reissue of a bank card is charged 13.50 euros, except for high-end cards which are free.

Contact the Postal Bank for assistance

In case of difficulty changing bank card at the Banque Postale or for any questions, contact the establishment’s customer service. Call 09 69 39 001, Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Choose the right credit card: the key elements

What type of bank card to choose? To choose the right credit card, you must first determine which type of credit card best suits your personal preferences in terms of contractual conditions, the uses you will make of it and payment methods. For people who frequently travel abroad, you should know that some cards can be used worldwide. Remember to inquire as the fees will vary from one bank to another. Regarding the choice of your card, here are the different types of bank cards that you can find on the market.

The so-called classic withdrawal card

It is a card that will only be used to withdraw cash from a bank distributor. This card is usually intended for children or teenagers. Important clarification: it is impossible to make online purchases with or pay in store. This card is only intended for withdrawing cash from ATMs.

The debit card

The debit card does not grant a credit limit. It allows consumers to make cashless payments, make purchases on the Internet and withdraw cash from ATMs. The difference with a credit card: each time a payment is made with a debit card, the amount is debited directly from the cardholder’s current account. This means that the transaction is only completed if the cardholder has sufficient funds. Otherwise, payment will be systematically refused.

Credit card

As a general rule, this card is offered by banks that have a partnership with certain brands such as supermarkets for example. It offers the possibility of paying for the purchase either immediately or on credit. The money will be debited from the cardholder’s current account.

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