Deferred debit bank card: operation, cost, advantages and disadvantages

By its operation, the deferred debit bank card is opposed to the immediate debit card. But on a daily basis, how is this blue card with the deferred system used?

Find out what a deferred debit bank card is, its differences with the classic blue card, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Who can claim it and how to apply? We tell you everything about this card with its very particular operation.

How a deferred debit credit card works

When you make purchases by credit card with deferred system, your payments are not debited immediately. They are put on hold and the operations are carried out the following month. The total amount of your purchases will be withdrawn at once.

Withdrawals can be debited the same day provided they are made in your bank. In the event of a withdrawal from another bank, your account will only be debited one or two days later.

This operation assumes that you do not need to have the necessary money in your account to make the purchase. However, you will need to ensure that you have enough money in your account at the time of the withdrawal date.

Statement date and direct debit date

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is important to understand how the deferred debit card works. It is important to know two essential terms:

  • the statement date designates the date on which the payments stop. Generally, it is the 27th of the month if it is a working day (or the day following otherwise);
  • the debit date represents the date on which payments are debited from your account. This is the last day of the month if it is working.
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How do I get a deferred debit card? Conditions.

Who can benefit from this special card? In reality, all credit card users can request it from their bank. To grant it to you, it takes into account the management of your accounts. If you take your accounts seriously, your request will have every chance of succeeding.

Banks prefer to refuse the deferred debit card to those who show a lack of organization. Indeed, this operation can quickly cause an overdraft.

In case of acceptance, an amendment will be established on the flat rate of your account. When signing the contract, specify the date of the account statement.

Namely, most bank cards can be candidates for deferred debit. Among them, the MasterCard and the Visa Classic.

Also be aware that the price of a deferred debit bank card is higher than a conventional card. Indeed, it offers an additional service, that of the cash reserve.

Credit card with deferred debit, advantages and disadvantages

Well used, the deferred debit bank card allows good control of overdraft. On the other hand, in the event of poor management, this system can quickly plunge you into the red.

By not using your overdraft, you significantly reduce your bank charges.

Attention, the use of this credit card must remain reasonable. Do your accounts and check your balance regularly to avoid accidents. Indeed, this system can encourage purchases, hence misuse.

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