Discountreduc direct debit: what is it?

By browsing the history of your account statement, you have noticed a direct debit appearing under the label CB or CB WLY*REMISEREDUC.FR. Where does this credit card payment come from? Is this an abusive subscription or a scam? Who hides under Discount Reduction or Web loyalty? Why did this company charge your account? We answer all your questions so that you no longer have to be debited by this mysterious discount.

What does the CB discountreduc direct debit correspond to?

Your last account statement shows a direct debit under the heading CB discountreduc or WLY* DISCOUNTREDUC.FR. In reality, you unknowingly subscribed to the subscription of the Web Loyalty company. This is a service allowing the subscriber to take advantage of reductions based on their purchases on the organization’s partner sites.

Among the e-commerces to collaborate with Remise Reduc, there is Cdiscount, Amazon but also Sephora, Chronodrive or AliExpress.

How does Discount and Discounts work?

In fact, it is a cash back service. The Web Loyalty company offers its customers discounts and discounts on online products.

In concrete terms, when you make a purchase on the Internet via a Web Loyalty partner site, the company reimburses you for part of the amount paid. Generally, it is 10% of the sum.

This service can be advantageous for those who make many purchases on the Internet, and if your purchases are made on partner sites.

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If you are only an occasional buyer, the service will not be useful to you. On the contrary, it will make you lose money.

Adhering to the discount and reduction service without realizing it: is it possible ?

How do you become a discount and reduction subscriber without realizing it? In fact, it results from a lack of attention when making an online purchase.

After validation of your order, discount coupons and commercial offers are offered to you on your next purchases. Just click on one of these good plans to subscribe to RemiseReduc.

Be vigilant in the face of these tempting offers when you finalize an order on the Internet. Do not enter your personal and bank details to benefit from the offer. Do not provide any information (surname, first name, address, credit card number).

Once the information is provided, it will be difficult for you to dispute the subscription to the subscription. Especially since the general conditions of sale are turned in such a way that you will not see the trap closing in on you.

From then on, a subscription of 12 euros per month is set up, without your implicit agreement.

Contact DiscountReduc: how to do ?

It exists several means to contact Discount and Reduction, or rather the company Web Loyalty.

By email, send your complaint to the following address:

Please note that the response time can be particularly long.

For a quick response, call Discount and Discount customer service at 0800 908 444 (free call from a landline)

Permanently cancel my subscription: how to do ?

To stop debits from your account, the first step is to contact Discounts and Discounts customer service to end your subscription. Negotiate an amicable solution by explaining your situation.

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If your complaint remains without an effective response, make an appointment with your bank advisor. The professional will make an assessment of the doubtful withdrawals from your account.

Even if you won’t be able to make the means of payment insurance work for this type of transaction, the advisor will help you stop the payments. Indeed, the simplest solution is to make an opposition on your bank card.

Your bank will order a new credit card for you and your direct debits will stop. Be aware, however, that your payment method will be unusable for a week.

And to avoid having to relive this kind of situation, make your secure payments online via E-credit card or V Pay. You will no longer be debited by surprise…

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