Does BforBank accept professional accounts?

Online banks are multiplying in this market. We see more and more of them, and some continue to emerge. The vast majority of modern and innovative banks are owned by banking groups already present, for many years, in this market. We will find Crédit Mutuel with Monabanq, BforBank with Crédit Agricole, Hello bank! with the BNP Paribas group… But there are also independent banks like Qonto or N26 in Germany.

These neobanks all have the same goal: to conquer customers so that they choose their banks to make a main account. The aim of these banks is to succeed in changing the general public’s view of traditional banks, by taking advantage of new technologies that promote and simplify banking management. For example, everything is done online. It is not necessary to go to a bank office, to take time off from work or from work to meet an appointment… It is important to point out: online banks are accessible from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection nearby.

Professional accounts are also products sold by traditional banks. Can you find it on online banks? The answer is yes. Does BforBank offer this product? The answer is in this article!

No professional offer for companies by BforBank

Unfortunately, very few online banks, and BforBank is one of them, cannot offer a complete offer for professionals. This constraint is partly explained by the legal and administrative obligations that it is not easy to implement.

When we talk about professionals, it is essential to specify their legal status. Sole proprietorships and corporations are not the same and have specific needs and criteria to consider. It is for this reason that we will provide an alternative for autoentrepreneurs and some compatible legal statuses. Because yes, certain professionals can use BforBank for their company !

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A current account for microenterprises and sole proprietorships

The law requires that above a certain amount of turnover, it is mandatory to have a specific bank account that is intended for his professional activity. It is not useful, under these conditions, to have a bank account qualified as « professional », with associated services (and which increase the price!). It is just required to have a current account which is detached from the personal account. In the event of a tax audit or contact with an accountant, the latter must be able to have a trace of all the financial and economic movements that have taken place in the bank account.

Opening a current account with BforBank is simple and can be done online. It is fast and will only require a few minutes for this manipulation.

For other company statuses, in particular SASU, SAS, SARL, EURL, EIRL, etc., the Crédit Agricole subsidiary provides an offer in its luggage. However, if it is urgent, you can always turn to the professional offer offered by the parent company!

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