PCS Mastercard: our opinion on this prepaid card

In the prepaid card market, you have to rely on the PCS Mastercard. Available in several ranges, this prepaid payment card has several advantages. Discover the services related to the means of payment, as well as all the steps to create a PCS Mastercard account. How to pay and withdraw money with this card? We tell you everything!

Prepaid payment card: definition

A prepaid payment card is a card that allows both to pay for purchases for an already defined amount and to withdraw money. It can be used to pay for purchases online, on the Internet.

Know that his use remains the same than a classic blue card. On the other hand, the prepaid card requires no bank account or commitment.

The prepaid payment card can be withdrawn at the counter of your bank, but also at certain merchants such as tobacconists. On the other hand, it can be used until its balance is exhausted, then recharged in a bank or at a tobacconist.

Finally, note that the prepaid card may contain a variable sum, which can range from up to 10,000 euros for the PCS Mastercard (in Premium formula). But generally, the sum is limited to 1000 euros.

The different ranges of prepaid payment cards

It exists three ranges PCS Mastercard prepaid payment cards. You can have up to two cards per account.

The PCS Chrome Card

This map is useful for pay your one-time expenses. It costs 9.90 euros. Valid for 1 year, it can allow you to have a balance that varies according to the formula:

  • up to 250 euros in the CLASSIC formula, usable in a limited network in France;
  • up to 3,000 euros in the MEDIUM formula, to be used everywhere in France and abroad;
  • up to 6500 euros in PREMIUM formula, everywhere in France as well as abroad.
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The PCS Black card

This prepaid card is ideal for pay your daily expenses. It costs 14.90 euros and is valid for 2 years.

Its maximum balance varies depending on the plan selected:

  • up to 250 euros in the CLASSIC formula, to be used in a limited network in France;
  • up to 3,000 euros in the MEDIUM formula, everywhere in France and abroad;
  • up to 10,000 euros in PREMIUM formula, usable everywhere in France as well as abroad.

The PCS Infinity Card

This prepaid card allows you to to throw money around. At the price of 19.90 euros, it is valid for three years.

As with the other ranges, the maximum balance differs depending on the formula chosen:

  • up to 250 euros in the CLASSIC formula, valid in a limited network in France;
  • up to 3,000 euros with the MEDIUM formula, everywhere in France and abroad;
  • up to 10,000 euros with the PREMIUM formula, to be used everywhere in France and abroad.

Open a PCS Mastercard account: how to do ?

To open a PCS Mastercard account and benefit from a payment card and bank details, bring a valid identity document and follow the following steps:

  • buy and activate your card by SMS by selecting the range that interests you. To activate your card, send the last 8 digits of your card’s PIN (space) to 07 57 57 55 55. You will then receive your confidential PIN code on your mobile phone;
  • then, create your profile on your account and register your personal information;
  • then, download your identity document from your account space;
  • finally, top up your PCS card with the balance of your choice. It is possible to top up your card from 20 to 250 euros at points of sale by buying PCS top-up coupons. The procedure can also be carried out by credit card, transfer or money sharing if you are a Premium member.
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First, the prepaid payment card can be useful for individuals who are prohibited from banking. This allows them to freely dispose of a sum of money, without exceeding the authorized amount. Indeed, you only spend the amount available on your card. Overdraft is not allowed.

Then, the means of payment can be offered in the form of a gift card to a child, for example. It helps you learn how to manage your money. Moreover, no minimum age is required to have a prepaid payment card. It is therefore particularly suitable for children under 12 years of age.

On the other hand, the PCS Mastercard allows you to have a RIB as well as an account. It can be ordered online or purchased and recharged at a tobacconist. You can then pay and withdraw money anywhere in the world. There are more than 34 million points of sale and counters around the world, including 32,000 in France alone.

Also note that with the PCS Mastercard, you only pay a monthly fee if there is a positive balance on your card.

Services included

With the PCS Mastercard prepaid payment card (premium status), you can:

  • have a personalized RIB/IBAN for your transfers, salaries and social benefits;
  • reload your card by bank transfer or credit card;
  • send money to your loved ones;
  • withdraw up to 500 euros per day, whether in France or abroad;
  • take advantage of higher ceilings.

Thanks to your prepaid card, you also have the possibility to manage your account wherever you are via the My PCS Mobile application.

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On the other hand, you can personalize your PCS Mastercard card by opting for a raised embossing with your name. This will then allow you to use your prepaid card to pay for your car rental costs and hotel reservations in France and abroad. Also note that 3D Secure is available on your PCS card. During the first payment requiring security, simply enter the code received by SMS on the mobile number attached to your PCS card.

Then, by referring your friends, you earn money. To do this, simply complete your information, invite your loved ones by SMS, email or via the social network Facebook. As soon as a friend reloads a card, you receive the sum of 5 euros.

Finally, the PCS Mastercard prepaid card can give you good deals, including discounts. Thanks to the Priceless Specials benefits program, you benefit from cashback on your online and in-store purchases. 1,250 merchants and brands are program partners.

Access the PCS Mastercard online space: how to do ?

To have an online account, go to the official website https://www.pcsmastercard.com/fr. On the home page, click on “My account”.

To create your space, fill in the following information: card number and mobile phone number. Then, to log in, enter your username and password.

You can also access the online space via the My PCS Mobile application. This smartphone app, available on Playstore and Appstore, allows you to manage your account by:

  • depending on the balance and transactions:
  • reloading the card(s) by coupon;
  • sending money to relatives.

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