Does Boursorama Banque accept professional accounts?

Boursorama Banque is one of the first online banks to appeal to the general public market. It is becoming known to professionals for several different reasons, including its price. It is an online bank qualified as being the least expensive on the market. Their offer for individuals is competitive. Boursorama Banque is also one of the first neobanks to offer an online banking service for professionals. Thus, companies can select Boursorama Banque to effectively manage all the financial and economic movements of their bank account.

Given the different legal statuses available in France, is Boursorama Banque’s offer aimed primarily at companies or sole proprietorships? Is it possible to have an overdraft? What is its monthly cost? Is it a bank worth its price? This is what we will answer at the heart of this complete article.

Certainly a pro account, but not for all pros

The offer Boursorama Banque Pro is not available to everyone. It is aimed primarily at all people who are under the sole proprietorship status. Only the EIRL (Individual Company with Limited Liability) cannot benefit from it. All other statutes, including the famous autoentrepreneur can use this bank account. With regard to the other statuses, Boursorama Banque Pro is actively working to enable these “excluded” people to be able to register in the future.

This is an offer that will be ideal for all freelancers who want a French and efficient bank account. It is not necessary to resort to very complete and complex solutions. The freelancer or the individual entrepreneur wants a bank card, an authorized overdraft under conditions and access to his bank account at any time.
The monthly cost of this offer is 9€tax incl.. It is a relatively low cost. With this offer, the entrepreneur will benefit from a Visa Classic or Premier credit card according to his choice. Depending on his activity, he can also choose between immediate debit and deferred debit. All the advantages of these cards are included, such as payment by contactless card, online payment, free withdrawal in the Euro zone, in France, but also abroad.

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The two great strengths of this bank account will be the professional booklet and the overdraft.

the professional booklet will allow you to put money on it and save. With a view to making future investments or investments, this can be a big advantage.

Finally, the Overdraft from Boursorama Banque is just exceptional. Depending on your needs and the flow of money that your professional account has, it is possible to go up to an authorized overdraft of €4,000.

The last point found at this French online bank will be full professional insurance. It is called Boursorama Protection Pro. It allows you to protect yourself against the unforeseen that there may be, such as the theft or loss of your professional mobile phone or work computer, identity papers or keys. A section reserved for the protection of digital identity is also included in this Boursorama Banque Pro offer.

This online banking solution for professionals is more than interesting. We recommend it to all individual entrepreneurs who are eligible for it.

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