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The BNP Paribas bank is one of the most famous banking establishments in France, but also in the world. Well positioned on the European continent, the financial organization is strengthening its physical presence with the establishment of an online bank. Find out what the My Bank service consists of and what the offer covers in terms of features and benefits.

Presentation of BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is one of the most powerful banks in the world with a presence in 80 countries. Leader on the European market, it has a strong presence in certain countries such as France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg.

On the other hand, the establishment is both a retail bank, a corporate and investment bank and it is also involved in financial engineering. However, retail banking remains its largest activity in terms of revenue.

Finally, the bank is physically present with several branches on the territory, but also via the Internet (automats, mobile applications). Available in major cities, the BNP Paribas bank is also strengthening its presence through customer relations centers and an online bank.

My BNP Paribas bank: What is that ?

Mabanque designates the 100% digital online branch of BNP Paribas. All of the bank’s products and services are available online. This dematerialized version of BNP Paribas does not prevent contact with a dedicated advisor.

Whether you are at home, traveling or abroad, this allows you to carry out your operations on a computer, digital tablet or smartphone. Thus, you can consult and manage your account remotely, without going to a BNP Paribas branch.

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Mabanque BNP Paribas services

In France or abroad, you can manage your account online in just a few clicks. Among the Mabanque services, count on:

  • the possibility of subscribing to an online savings account;
  • making transfers;
  • RIB editing;
  • personalization of your credit card limits;
  • check cashing by scanning it;
  • taking out credit or insurance;
  • a dedicated advisor who can be reached by telephone, email or videoconference;
  • the opening of your online agency 6 days a week with a significant time amplitude;
  • access to your bank adviser’s agenda to simplify your appointment scheduling;
  • access to all BNP Paribas bank products and services.

On the other hand, by going through Mabanque, you benefit from advantageous pricing. The Visa Classic card can be reimbursed on request beyond €8,400 of annual expenditure per card. And the Visa Premier card is reimbursed on request from €12,000 of expenditure per year and per card. You can also take advantage of discounts on BNP Paribas products subscribed online, as well as good deals in partner stores.

The rates

Subscription to remote banking services is totally free and unlimited (excluding the cost of a call, excluding the provision of Internet access, excluding SMS alerts). Count 2 euros/month up to 15 SMS. You will find the details of the pricing by following this link:

How do I subscribe to Mabanque BNP Paribas?

To subscribe to the BNP Paribas Mabanque online service, you must meet certain conditions:

  • be an adult and capable natural person or an individual entrepreneur;
  • reside in France;
  • wish to open an individual or joint account (no more than two people) as an individual;
  • not already hold an account with BNP Paribas or Hello Bank!
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Without income condition, the opening of the private account requires an initial payment of 300 euros.

Then, to benefit from Mabanque, all you need is a few clicks and digital support (computer, tablet, mobile phone with Internet connection). Note that you can also go directly to the branch to complete the process.

Online, just follow these three steps:

  • complete the form available on the BNP Paribas website by providing your complete identity and the type of account desired;
  • submit your supporting documents by downloading them from the secure area of ​​the BNP Paribas website;
  • make the payment of 300 euros using an account opened in your name in a bank established in the European Economic Area or in a member country of the SEPA zone. Note that instant SEPA transfers will not be taken into account.

To know : you will have to sign the contract electronically. No need to go to a BNP Paribas branch.

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Connection to Mabanque BNP Paribas: how to do ?

To connect to My BNP Paribas bank, you need your login details:

  • your 10-digit customer number, located at the bottom of your account statement or your customer card;
  • your 6-digit confidential code. This password is assigned by the bank free of charge.

These two identifiers are personal and confidential. Memorize them without writing them down and never disclose them to a third party. Your BNP Paribas bank will never ask you to communicate your secret codes, whether by telephone or e-mail.

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Then, the procedure to connect to your online account is very simple. Just click on the “Access my accounts” button. This is located at the top right of the site’s home page.

Enter your customer number using your keyboard. Then, enter your confidential code using the virtual keyboard. Once the codes have been entered, click on the « Account access » icon.

Note: for security reasons, ensure that the site address begins with and contains an https://. This guarantees a secure connection.

And to further strengthen the security of your accounts, there is the possibility of activating the digital key. This is a free service that secures your online transactions. Activate your key directly from your profile on the My Accounts mobile application. This operation is available from a computer or mobile. However, the validation of the secret code is only carried out on a smartphone. For the service to be activated, you must have validated your telephone number on your BNP Paribas profile.

Finally, be aware that you also have the option of managing your accounts from the My Accounts mobile application. This is available on all stores. This subscription is both free and unlimited (excluding the cost of communication and Internet access).

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