Does Monabanq accept business accounts?

You are a company and you would like to open a pro account with Monabanq? We explain to you if it is possible and how!

Monabanq is an interesting online bank for individuals. They do not need to prove their income to register. This is what makes the great strength of this banking structure.

Traditional banks set up very high prices for professionals. When a business starts, this can be a brake and force the entrepreneur to close his company, because he no longer has the necessary funds to pay himself. It is for this reason that we find that the traditional banks do not make enough efforts for the individual structures that are just starting out.

With the great success of the microentrepreneur status, which is the new name for the autoentrepreneur, the conditions for opening a bank account are much simpler. It is not necessary to have a bank account qualified as « professional ». It is possible to have a classic current account. However, since the beginning of 2019, it is necessary to justify a minimum of turnover to have an account entirely dedicated to its activity. Otherwise, it would be possible to use his personal account. From our point of view, we do not recommend it, for the simple and unique reason that accounting management becomes much more complex.

Monabanq offers an offer for professionals. What is this offer worth? Answer in this article!

The bank account for professionals seen by Monabanq

It is one of the few online banks to offer a business bank account with full service. Boursorama Banque does offer a bank account intended for businesses, but its services are not as complete as Monabanq.

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The offer of this neobank is very attractive. It is not expensive: 7€/month. This is an offer that is not intended for all legal statuses. It is intended for self-employed persons only. It’s a lesser evil. It has the advantage of being suitable for all types of business, as it supports the deposit of cash and checks.

Some professions do not require a bank card. Thanks to Monabanq, it’s possible! It is possible to do without this means of payment. Otherwise, the Visa Classic card is available for €1/month and the Visa Premier card for €3/month. For people who travel regularly, in France or abroad, it is preferable to take the Visa Premier card, because it will be richer in assistance and insurance services.

The autoentrepreneurs of this bank will be able to rely on the large network of CIC ATMs to perform cash deposit and check deposit. Just go to one of these counters, and your account will be funded the next day, or even the same day.

A significant advantage is being able to choose your credit card code yourself. If in doubt, it will be easier to select a combination that speaks to you and is easier to remember.

Are there any conditions to benefit from it?

No, there are no specific conditions. You don’t need to prove your income. Thus, any self-employed person, even those who begin, can do it. You will need to provide proof of a SIRET/SIREN number for registration.

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