Ouistock.fr: furniture storage between individuals

Your new home is too cramped to store all your belongings. Why not take advantage of unused spaces to store them? The ouistock.fr online platform brings together advertisements from individuals who offer you a cellar, a garage or other spaces to store your goods. These flexible and economical co-storage solutions have significant advantages.

A storage space adapted to your expectations

You are looking for a suitable place to store boxes, furniture or household appliances. Simplify your life by visiting the Ouistock.fr platform site. It actually brings together thousands of ads from individuals seeking to rent part of their home.

Start by reading the proposals that are made to you. Depending on your needs, your budget, and the area you are looking for, you can choose to rent a cellar, an attic or a garage. Of the self-storage spaces are also at your disposal.

You’ve just found the storage unit that’s right for you. All that remains is to contact the owner. You can also book your rental online. This process will cost you nothing.

It is then up to you to meet the owner and settle with him. Together you will draw up an inventory of the goods to be stored and a precise inventory. All you have to do is sign the rental contract.

Benefits for the tenant

This co-storage system is based on a collaborative logic, which crosses the needs of both parties. It is within this framework that Ouistock can offer you price much lower than average rates carried out by removal companies or furniture storage services.

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In addition, the platform offers you a very wide choice of ads, from all parts of the national territory. Thousands of cities are already registered on the platform. By their diversity, these announcements adapt to all expectations. Whatever your budget or the area you are looking for, you will always find a cellar, a garage or a box that meets your needs.

This storage system brings you great security as a bonus. Throughout the rental period, your goods are indeed covered by specific insurance.

The platform also offers you a simplified and very secure system for paying your rent. Similarly, self-storage spaces allow you to access your goods at any time, without paying additional costs. And, thanks to Ouistock, their rental will cost you less than the other solutions available on the market.

Finally, if you can’t make up your mind, or if you encounter a problem, advisers are on hand to help you out. The ratings given to each owner also allow you to make an informed decision. They result from all the comments made by the tenants.

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The owners also find their account there

As you will have understood, the secret of the success encountered by Ouistock is its ability to connect owners, who have excess space, with tenants, who are looking for a place to store their belongings.

There are indeed many people who leave entire rooms, or part of them, unemployed. So why not hire them? This is when Ouistock steps in. The platform simplifies the procedures for owners wishing to rent a cellar or a garage.

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All they have to do is register on the site and post their ad. To attract future tenants, it must be clear and evocative. Certain information must be included, such as the amount of rent expected, the area of ​​the place or the means of accessing it. Adding photos will make the ad even more attractive.

Of course, the rented place must correspond to the expectations of future tenants. To ensure the best storage conditions for the stored goods, the place must be clean and protected from humidity. If your cellar is a little damp, preliminary work may be necessary.

Even then, renting a storage space is a great investment. First, you will have no trouble finding tenants. Housing is often very expensive, and many people are forced to reduce their living spaces. However, they do not want to get rid of furniture or objects that they no longer have room for in their home. The Ouistock platform then gives them the opportunity to find convenient and economical storage space. This solution is all the more interesting as this specific offer is not always very abundant.

Moreover, renting a cellar, a garage or an attic can make it possible to make ends meet. In general, this rental investment benefits from an excellent return. It is therefore the insurance, for the owners, of regular and not insignificant income.

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