Choosing the right storage cabinet

The storage cabinet may have very specific characteristics in order to protect toxic contents or to isolate dangerous products. It is essential to choose the approved model that will best meet your expectations according to your activity.

The fireproof storage cabinet

This type of fireproof cabinet is highly regulated, as it must be able to store easily flammable products. In the event of a fire, it must guarantee that flammable or explosive products will not be affected by the flames or undergo a rise in temperature. This would aggravate the situation and could put lives at risk. The fireproof cabinet also prevents a start of fire is caused by the presence of these chemicals in a room.

danger of toxic products

The fireproof cabinet is a secure cabinet that meets specific rules: checks are carried out to ensure that it complies with standard EN 14470, fire resistance. This standard determines the resistance time of a cabinet to a fire (15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes), which favors evacuation before the cabinet explodes. Firefighters also have time to intervene more calmly. The doors of a fireproof cabinet are closed automatically as soon as the sensor detects a temperature above 50°C.

The phytosanitary cabinet

With the recognition of the dangerousness of phytosanitary products, government authorities have decided to take measures concerning the storage of products harmful to humans and nature. Professionals who handle these products are required to comply with the decree n°87-361 of May 27, 1987 in order to properly preserve the products and to use a phytosanitary storage cabinet specifically designed to accommodate hazardous products.

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By enclosing phytosanitary products in these cabinets, access is secured:

  • ventilated in several places to prevent gases from stagnating
  • locked by a key and having an outer flap at 180°C
  • equipped with a waterproof floor with the possibility of retaining liquids,
  • associated with signage with precise pictograms.

The professional medicine cabinet

The presence of a medical kit is essential in all companies, but also in the health sector. It is therefore essential to keep it in a standardized medicine cabinet in order to guarantee access only to the people assigned to this role.

The steel in these medicine cabinets is kept simple, but the doors are locked with keys. The size of the medicine cabinets then depends on the medicines and care accessories that are mandatory depending on the company’s activity. Compartments make it possible to establish clear storage to make it easier to find items in an emergency.

The height of the shelves is also adaptable, using a very practical rack system. It is also possible to have first aid kits that can be moved to the site of an accident or to deal with an injury if the person is far from the storage location.

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