How to cancel a payment by credit card on the Internet?

Paying for online purchases by credit card is quick and easy. Moreover, many of us prefer this means of payment to carry out our transactions efficiently.

However, no one is immune to a card payment problem on an e-commerce site. How can we prevent our bank account from being debited? We tell you all about the steps to cancel a credit card payment.

Is it possible to cancel a credit card payment made online?

You should know that payment by credit card is irrevocable. Once the transaction is completed, you cannot go back. Before entering your code, it is important to think carefully…

It is possible to block your credit card, but only in very specific cases. In the event of loss, theft or fraudulent use of your credit card, contact your bank without delay to oppose it. Your purchases will be blocked. Be aware that your payment method will be unusable for a week. Your confidential code will also be modified. Finally, your bank will charge you for this process.

If you are not faced with one of these situations described, cancel your order in a simple way, that is to say by contacting the seller or online business. To ensure that your account is not debited, exercise your right of withdrawal.

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How do I get a refund for an online payment?

In certain very specific cases, you can demand reimbursement of your online payment from your bank. You have 13 months to submit your request by mail. Be aware, however, that it is advisable to react as quickly as possible. Indeed, in case of prolonged waiting, the bank can accuse you of negligence.

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Good to know, the subscription to a specific insurance is not required to claim a refund.

Send your letter to your bank within 13 months maximum, clearly specifying:

  • your credit card number;
  • your surname, first name, full address;
  • your current account number attached to your bank card;
  • your reason for canceling the payment.

Date and sign the letter, and take care to send it by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

Situations that entitle you to a refund

Flight, fraud, breach of trust

Did you give your consent without knowing the exact amount? If the amount to be debited does not correspond to your consumption habits, and if you can prove that you have been the victim of theft, fraud or breach of trust, your bank will refund your payment online.

Trader Difficulties

Your bank will not reimburse you in the event of a commercial dispute. In any case, he is not obliged to do so… On the other hand, if the seller or merchant finds himself in a situation of receivership or judicial liquidation, the payment by bank card will be cancelled. For this, you must request it.

Credit card fraud

Was the payment made without your consent by a third party? In this case, payment by credit card is blocked.

It could be theft or forgery. Information relating to your payment card may also have been stolen without your knowledge.

Never make a false declaration to benefit from the reimbursement of your online purchases. This is a misdemeanor. This is liable to a fine.

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