How to fill out a cheque? The important things

Despite the many options currently available for making a payment with a bank card, the use of the wallet checkbook remains essential to benefit from certain services. Indeed, you will need to write a check for large transactions, such as when buying a car. However, it can still be used for in-store purchases. To know how to properly complete your check, here are some tips that will prevent you from having unpleasant surprises.

How to Complete Each Notice

The essential information to fill in

You don’t write a check every day. It happens then that when you have to fill one out, you ask yourself a lot of questions. For it to be valid and can be cashed without any worries by its beneficiary, here is the mandatory information that you will have to fill in:

  • The date: on the line in the upper right corner
  • The name of the beneficiary person or company
  • The amount of the payment in figures in the small box on the right and in words on the first line of the check
  • The place of issue
  • The signature that must be made just at the bottom of the check
  • The checkbook stub to avoid confusion in the future and to keep track of it

Even if it is not mandatory to mention the name of the company or the beneficiary person on the check by replacing it with the mention “cash”, it is strongly discouraged. Indeed, in case of loss, anyone can cash it or deposit it as a check made out in cash. Moreover, if you made a small mistake when filling out your check, it is better to start replacing a new sheet, instead of making deletions. If you subscribe to the Banque Postale, this article will explain more about everything you need to know to fill out your check correctly.

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The importance of writing your payment amount in the check

When we talk about bank and check, we always refer to an amount, an amount that you will have to deposit in your bank account or collect or pay to a seller. Since we are talking about money, then it is better to do everything correctly in order to avoid disputes. If there is much of the most essential information that should not be distorted when filling out the bank check, then it is above all the amount and the name of the beneficiary. As mentioned above, writing the name of the beneficiary is certainly not mandatory. You can simply write a blank check or put the mention « cash » on the designated location. However, this writing carries many risks.

Indeed, anyone can cash the check this way. To avoid then losing your money, it is preferable to fill it with the name of the company or the beneficiary person. In addition, the amount must appear in words. Avoid erasing or cluttering the writing. This will allow you to prevent the bank from taking more from your bank account. Note, however, that completing the classic bank check is not done in the same way as the bank check, just as obtaining a bank check is different from that of a classic bank check.

How To Fill Check Tips

A few recommendations for correctly writing your check

The prepaid bank card remains a preferred means of payment among the French, but the check also retains its value for certain services. However, compared to a bank card, the issuance of a classic bank check can involve many risks. Indeed, being a piece of paper, it can be easily lost on multiple occasions. There are thus many badly caring people who can take advantage of this to scam you with ease. This is why it is essential to fill out the check correctly. Apart from filling in the required information, you should also not forget to write with an indelible ink pen. Thieves can easily modify lost or stolen checks otherwise.

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