How to deposit a check at Hello bank! ?

You want to deposit a check at Hello Bank but you don’t know how to proceed? We explain how to do it!

Hello bank! is an online bank that belongs to the BNP Paribas group. It is one of the best online banks according to several people, because it can benefit from BNP Paribas branches for several procedures, including the deposit of cash.

This online bank strives to do everything necessary to meet customer expectations. On the one hand, it is possible to deposit the check in two ways, and on the other hand, it is one of the few online banks that accepts cash deposits. This last criterion is highly appreciated by many people who are search for an innovative online bank while keeping certain interests of traditional banking and classic that we find everywhere.

In this article, we will present all the steps and solutions to perform to deposit a check with complete peace of mind.

Deposit a check by mail

The first solution is the same as the vast majority of other competitors. Online banks use check remittance by post. To have proposed this solution is judicious. Not all customers are located near a BNP Paribas branch. Check deposits can quickly become annoying and restrictive. To avoid this, it is possible to opt for postal delivery. You will need to have a check remittance slip available to complete this step. Completing this document is not complicated. Insert the cheque(s) in the envelope, with the check remittance slip, to the destination of Hello bank!. We will specify two points: the check remittance slip can be ordered from the Internet, in your customer area, through instant messaging. It is also possible to obtain a check remittance slip directly from your BNP branch near you. If this one is far away, then take several, this way you will save time and paper!

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Deposit a check at a BNP Paribas branch

This group has more than 2,200 bank branches which are located in France. All you have to do is go to one of them to deposit the check.

Before handing the check(s) into the dispenser provided for this purpose, we recommend that you play it safe: put a signature on the back of the check, as well as the account number. This offers guarantees to be sure that it is paid into the correct bank account.

Once you are there, you will only have a few steps left. The first is to take a check remittance slip that must be completed later. Then, it will suffice to insert the checks signed on the back, with the check remittance slip in an envelope. Finally, it will be necessary to return the check to the urn reserved for this purpose.

The big advantage of this solution remains the efficiency times. It is possible to have the sum of the check on his account in the same day. It is a considerable advantage ! The time saving is total.

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