Garip Ldef sampling

While going through your account statements, several direct debits called “GARIP LDEF” caught your attention. What exactly is a scam? What company is behind this transaction? We explain to you what this garip ldef levy from Lyonnaise des Eaux Suez is about, and how to put an end to it.

What does it correspond to?

Have you noticed one or more questionable debits on your account in the name of « GARIP LDEF »? Note that this transaction was carried out by SPB Assurance, which is linked to your subscription to La Lyonnaise des Eaux.

Indeed, when subscribing to the water distribution company, a contract with SPB insurance is offered to you. This contains a direct debit authorization to be completed and returned. However, it would seem that subscribers to Lyonnaise des Eaux are registered without their knowledge for an optional and paying insurance service. Their account is therefore debited each month without their having given their consent.

Presentation of Lyonnaise des Eaux

Lyonnaise des Eaux is a French company specializing in water distribution. Created in 1880, it merged with Suez in 1997. Moreover, it is one of the main companies of the Suez Environnement group, partly owned by GDF Suez.

Lyonnaise des Eaux is present in many regions of France. It supplies 19% of the French population with drinking water, which makes it number 2 in France for water services. Its turnover is estimated at 2.3 billion euros.

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On the other hand, the company also provides water purification services (management of pumping and pipelines, etc.). And it also carries out various actions for the respect of the environment.

How to put an end to it if the direct debits are abusive?

Do you think that direct debits are abusive and want to put an end to them? To achieve this, first contact La Lyonnaise des Eaux Suez customer service.

Claim the removal of direct debits by going to the customer service page of their website: You will need to enter your home postal code. Then, ask for the problem to be resolved amicably by clearly explaining the situation.

And if no amicable remedy has been found by Lyonnaise des Eaux Suez, make an appointment with your bank adviser to oppose and stop the direct debits.

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