The Visa Electron card

The Visa Electron card has a special feature that makes it advantageous. Find out what a bank card with systematic authorization is. How does this card work and what are its benefits? Focus on the Visa Electron credit card which is intended for both working people and teenagers.

What is the Visa Electron card?

The Visa Electron card is a systematic authorization card of the account balance. Before any transaction (purchase from a merchant or withdrawal from an ATM), your payment card queries your account balance. She reveals herself ideal for not finding yourself exposed.

The Visa Electron card is primarily intended for people who often find themselves faced with bank overdrafts. It can also be offered to minors.

How does it work?

The Visa Electron card is used in exactly the same way as conventional credit cards, with the difference that it queries your account before validating the operation (withdrawal or purchase).

If you have enough money in your bank account, the transaction is carried out normally. On the other hand, in the event of an overdraft, or if you are at the limit, the payment or withdrawal will be refused. You will then have to pay for your purchases with another means of payment (cheque, cash, etc.).

Where can I find a Visa Electron card?

Many banking establishments offer subscription to the Visa Electron card, including online banks.

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Among the traditional banks, let us mention the Banque Postale, CIC, BNP Paribas, Caisse d’Epargne and Groupama Banque.

Among remote banks, Monabanq and Hello Bank also offer bank cards.

Note that the blue card is payable in all banks except Hello Bank. However, the organization asks 1000 euros of monthly net income for opening an account.

The advantages of the Visa Electron bank card

The Visa Electron card represents a good way to control and manage your budget.

A teenager can learn to take responsibility through the use of this card without fear of an overdraft.

Spenders will also have every interest in using a card with systematic authorization to avoid banking incidents.

On the other hand, the map helps prevent fraud. Indeed, scammers cannot use it to make large purchases.

How to subscribe a Visa Electron card?

Depending on the bank, the subscription can be done online. This is the case, for example, for BNP Paribas.

To obtain a Visa Electron card, the simplest approach is to make an appointment with your bank advisor.

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Why is your Visa Electron card refused by merchants?

Several reasons can explain a refusal of your bank. If you don’t have enough money in your account, make a transfer from your savings account to your checking account. You can also increase your overdraft authorization. To make a request, contact your bank advisor.

If your credit card is capped, you may have exceeded the authorized amount. Your card is no longer usable for a few days.

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Your bank card will also be blocked in the event of three false codes. Before attempting the third attempt, beware! In the event of a card blocked for a false code, you will have to go to an agency to renew your card. On average, the waiting period is fifteen days.

Also check the validity date of your Visa Electron card. Once expired, a card becomes unusable. Contact your bank to order a new card.

On the other hand, even if you have enough money in your account, your card may decline the purchase. Your bank may be solicited by too many CB Visa Electron. Due to too much demand, your bank may refuse your transaction at a merchant. This is especially true during peak periods (weekends and holidays, for example).

Finally, be aware that not all payment terminals accept the card with systematic authorization. Some merchants will refuse you the credit card.

On the other hand, the Visa Electron card can potentially be refused on motorway tolls, at service stations or during mail order sales. Make sure you have another means of payment on you to avoid embarrassing situations.

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