Dressing room: our tips for fitting it out

What you expect from a dressing room is that its space is well organized. If you have arranged it rationally, you should get your hands on the wanted clothes at the first try. To do this, you must first choose the type of dressing room that suits you and follow some tips for successful layout.

Which wardrobe will you choose?

bespoke corner dressing room
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The type of dressing chosen will partly depend on its layout. It is the configuration of your accommodation that often imposes on you, or at least suggests to you, this choice. If you’re short on space, you can convert a corner of your bedroom into a corner dressing room.

Installing a partition in the room can add additional storage space. If your accommodation is equipped with large cupboards, which you can even enter, you have a « cabin » dressing room.

If the apartment is larger, you can turn an entire room into a dressing room. In this regard, the hallway or even the garage can do the trick.

You also choose the configuration given to the dressing room. Some have the shape of a U, others an L or an I. In U, the dressing rooms adapt to an entire room, quite large, while the I or L arrangement is suitable for a narrow room or a hallway.

Take into account the dimensions of the dressing room

Ideally, the layout of the dressing room should allow you to choose with ease your clothes and get dressed on the spot. You need to check that you will have enough space for this.

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It is therefore essential to calculate the space needed to store your clothes. If the dressing room is a room in its own right, you must be able to move around in it at ease.

Also consider the space taken up by wardrobe bars, shelves and drawers. To properly store your things, you will need a certain depth for the shelves. Similarly, the hanging bar should be placed high enough, so that your clothes do not drag on the floor. To assess the dimensions of your future dressing room, all these elements must be taken into account.

interior design

To arrange your dressing room, it is also advisable to choose the interior equipment. Their volume will depend on the type of dressing chosen.

Closet bars are one of the essential accessories. Some adapt to long clothes, others to shorter clothes. Very practical, tilting wardrobes prevent you from balancing on a stool to look for your belongings.

For their part, the shelves make it possible to stack the sweaters. The drawers, sometimes equipped with dividers, can, if necessary, be completely removed. Other accessories can be very useful.

Boxes thus make it possible to preserve clothes that are not often used from dust. To store socks or lingerie, bunks are perfect. Also, don’t forget to provide furniture designed for shoe storage. Tie racks or trouser racks also provide great service.

With or without door?

You decide to equip your dressing room with doors. The choice of model depends in part on the space you have. If you have the space to open them, hinged doors give you an immediate overview of your wardrobe.

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Sliding doors, on the other hand, take up less space. Easy to open, they are therefore recommended if you have limited space.

You can also not provide doors. Thus opened, the dressing room provides a direct view of your wardrobe. Finally, it is possible to choose curtains to close your dressing room. Mounted in height, on rods, they constitute an additional element of decoration.

The style of the dressing room

The style chosen for the dressing room reflects your tastes and your personality. The choice of colors for the walls already gives a particular character to the room. You can be seduced by the neutrality of white or dare to dash hues, such as pink. As for the wallpaper, it can dress the fancy walls.

Covered with parquet or tiling, the floor also contributes to creating a clean atmosphere.

Other decorative choices bring a specific touch to your dressing room. A large mirror, in a retro style, gives charm to the room and allows you to check your outfit. You thus join the useful to the pleasant.

To create a somewhat vintage set, raw wooden crates can also serve as storage. If you have the space, arrange a stylish table and chairs in the room and put a rug on the floor. The dressing room will thus become a cozy nest.

Adequate lighting

Well-chosen lighting contributes to the clean style of the dressing room. It should also allow you to easily find your belongings. In this regard, several solutions are available to you.

You can opt for a lighting rod. This accessory provides a soft light which, when getting out of bed, does not attack your eyes and does not disturb anyone. However, be careful not to install it too close to clothing.

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You will take the same precaution if you install spotlights in the dressing room. Well distributed in the room, they offer you uniform lighting, which allows you to spot the desired clothes at a glance.

For more comfort, you can also place light strips in the drawers or above the shelves. In some cases, a specific device makes it possible to trigger the lighting simply by opening the doors.

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