My bank refuses to give me a checkbook: why and what to do?

Your bank refuses to give you a checkbook and you don’t understand why? Here’s what to do to get your checkbook.

The bank where you are a customer may refuse to issue you a check book. And this, overnight. You do not understand why this means of payment was confiscated? Discover the different possible reasons that can explain why the bank refuses to give you a checkbook. And we give you the keys to regularize the situation.

Conditions for issuing a checkbook

You must sign an account agreement with your bank containing the means of payment held.

The checkbook contains at least one bank account statement (RIB), to communicate to organizations to pay them or have you paid.

On the other hand, the check forms given to the customer must indicate the telephone number of the bank branch where the check is payable, as well as the address of the account holder.

You can collect your checkbook directly from the branch, or have it sent to your home by registered post with acknowledgment of receipt. As far as online banks are concerned, sending can be done by simple letter. The banks put the postage costs at your expense. But even if this represents a cost, prefer sending by registered mail for more security. Otherwise, if your checkbook is stolen, you will bear the consequences alone.

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Then, the renewal of the checkbook can be done automatically or on request via an order form.

My bank refuses to give me a checkbook: possible reasons

The refusal to issue a check book can have several explanations: it can be a management decision, a protective measure, a security issue, unless you are under the influence of banking ban.

A management decision

Your bank adviser, with whom you have a business relationship, may decide overnight to delete your checkbook. This is often the result of a broken bond of trust.

Have you kept your accounts properly? To restore the relationship of trust between you and your adviser, and therefore recover your means of payment, it is necessary to take care of the management of your accounts.

A measure of protection

Your bank adviser may choose to take away your checkbook if you are having difficulty managing your account. This is then a protective measure so that you are not overdrawn or in a situation of over-indebtedness with NSF checks issued.

This decision, although radical, allows you to start again on a healthy management of your wallet.

A matter of security

Are you a new bank customer? Your bank adviser may wait a few months before issuing you a checkbook, the time to see how your current account works.

Ban on banking or filing at the Banque de France

Finally, if you are banned from banking or registered with the Banque de France, it is quite normal that you no longer have a checkbook. Indeed, no establishment has the right to give you this means of payment. And that turns out to be non-negotiable.

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Does my bank have the right to refuse to issue me a check book?

Your bank has every right to confiscate your checkbook if it finds irregularities in your account or if you are prohibited from banking.

Indeed, this means of payment belongs to the banking establishment. However, the organization must justify its decision. Ask your advisor clearly why your bank refuses to give you a checkbook.

Be aware, however, that the decision is not made overnight. Indeed, the bank must inform you of this via a letter of formal notice with acknowledgment of receipt (service charged).

On the other hand, note that the establishment must offer you alternative means of payment to compensate for the absence of a checkbook. This is GPA for Range of Alternative Payment Means to checks. You must be able to benefit from the money in your current account and be able to meet your daily expenses. Thus, your adviser can give you a simple withdrawal card, for example.

And the bank can also offer you a specific offer in the event of a situation of financial fragility, for a moderate monthly flat rate.

In addition, as part of the right to an account (Article L.312-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code), banks are required to offer the account holder basic banking services such as a payment card with systematic authorization , sending a monthly account statement, two bank checks per month… Find the exact content of the basic services in article D. 312-5 of the Monetary and Financial Code.

To note : you should know that the bank has the right to limit the use of available funds if you have debts to honor.

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Can stored checks be used?

You cannot use old checks that you may have kept. Indeed, the checks issued risk being rejected automatically.

This would then cause you harm and the bank would certainly choose to extend the non-delivery of your new checkbook.

What should I do if my bank refuses to issue me a check book?

As a first step, you should learn to manage your budget without using checks. When you know that it is a means of payment destined to disappear, it may seem quite simple. Especially since more and more public service players are accepting direct debits. And electronic payment terminals are also multiplying, especially in medical practices.

In everyday life, pay for your purchases in cash or via a withdrawal card, making sure to respect the limits set by the bank.

Of course, if you want to get your new checkbook back, you better watch your spending. And honor your debts.

Finally, be patient. To get a checkbook, you will have to wait at least three months. As soon as you are able to justify sound account management, the bank will have no objection to giving you a checkbook.

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