SFAM direct debit: what is it?

By consulting your last account statement, you have noticed an SFAM direct debit. And this name means absolutely nothing to you… Don’t panic! This is not a scam per se but an additional insurance or extended warranty. Generally, sellers offer it to you directly in store when you make a major purchase in a large brand. Find out in more detail what it is, all the solutions to dispute and terminate the SFAM Insurance, as well as the contact details of the company. Focus on the SFAM direct debit!

The SFAM: who is this ?

SFAM (Société Française d’Assurances Multirisques) is an insurance brokerage company with 1,400 employees and 6 million customers. The SFAM company was created in 1999. In February 2018, the company became the second shareholder of the Fnac Darty group.

Present on the French market but also in Europe (Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, etc.), it markets and provides after-sales service for insurance products through various partners (mobile telephony, household appliances, optical products, etc.). Nevertheless, it specializes in the field of mobile and multimedia insurance covering theft, loss, breakage, oxidation.

SFAM therefore offers additional insurance or warranty extensions marketed by consumer brands. These contracts are offered for sale directly by the sellers to the customers.

SFAM direct debit from my account: the origin of this levy

If you are deducted by SFAM from your bank account, you have surely purchased an everyday consumer product (mobile, computer, eyeglasses, major household appliances, etc.). It can also be a driver’s license registration. The salesperson then sold you insurance linked to this product in the event of loss, theft, breakdown, etc.

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You have the possibility of requesting the history of your accounts from your bank advisor. This will allow you to have a more precise idea of ​​the start of the samples. Please note that this request is chargeable in some banks.

And in case of dissatisfaction, ask your bank to oppose the withdrawals. The duration of the opposition is variable. This can be a way to put payments on hold until your questions are answered.

Contest this direct debit: approaches

To meet the expectations of its customers, SFAM provides a complaints service. This Customer Relations department takes care of dissatisfied customers.

You can contact the proposed service in several ways:

  • by email to solution@sfam.eu;
  • by completing the SFAM complaint form;
  • by sending your simple letter to the SFAM Complaint Service – 1 rue Camille Claudel – 26 100 Romans sur Isère.

To support your statements, do not hesitate to attach all your supporting documents to your submission.

Terminate SFAM Insurance: how to do ?

SFAM accepts termination by mail, telephone or e-mail. However, to cancel your SFAM insurance, correspondence by post is preferred. Send a letter to SFAM with acknowledgment of receipt mentioning:

  • your surname, first name;
  • full address as well as your email and mobile number;
  • contract number ;
  • number of the subscribed offer;
  • photocopy of your identity document.

Keep a copy of the correspondence in case of dispute and do not forget to sign your letter.

SFAM offers its customers the possibility of changing their minds by renouncing the subscription to the contract without justification or costs for thirty days on a simple call or by mail.

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Namely, before taking steps to terminate, read the terms of your contract carefully. Find out whether or not there is a minimum commitment period. Since the Hamon law, which entered into force on 1er January 2015 and which regulates insurance, it is possible to terminate your contract at any time after the first year of engagement.

Also find out about the legitimate reasons for early termination. Generally, among the accepted reasons, there is theft, breakage, a change in personal or professional situation such as a transfer, a divorce, a long-term illness, etc. And if you terminate your SFAM insurance contract under commitment before expiry, be aware that you will have to pay management fees.

Contact SFAM: coordinates

  • by telephone on 04 27 43 33 33. This is a free service available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Advisors will answer your questions. You can also use this number to report a claim;
  • by email, contact SFAM at the following address: contact@sfam.eu;
  • by post, send your mail to the following address:


1 rue Camille Claudel

26100 Romans sur Isère

  • by completing the dedicated online form: https://sfam.eu/fr-fr/contact.

To know: SFAM Assurances also provides you with an online forum to find the answers to your questions: https://sfam.eu/fr-fr/assistance/forum

Sample termination letter from SFAM Assurance

Last name First Name

Full mailing address

Mobile number, email

Membership number

Contract number

Subject: request for termination of SFAM insurance contract no. XXX

(registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, made in duplicate)


On (indicate the date of subscription of the contract), I took out insurance for (indicate the device for which you took out the contract) with your company under the number (enter the number of your contract).

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Today, I want to end this contract. I would kindly ask you to take all necessary measures to terminate it.

Thank you for confirming to me by return mail the date of the end of the contract.

Please accept my sincere greetings.

Last name First Name


SFAM’s partners

SFAM insurance works with many insurance companies such as April, Solutia, Axeria Iard, Acta, MMA, Europ Assurance. And among the banks that trust him, there are BNP Paribas, Rothschild, Crédit Mutuel and Caisse d’Epargne.

And the company also has prescribers among its customers such as Avelis Telecom, Images Photo, etc.

On the other hand, major brands collaborate with SFAM including Fnac, Darty, Bouygues Telecom, Alain Afflelou, Pixmania, CDiscount…

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