How to choose the right cabin suitcase?

When we think of taking a trip, we also think of our suitcase. There are many people who do not attach importance to this tool. Whatever means of transport you use, you need a suitcase for the optimal storage of your belongings. Here’s what you should rely on to make the right choice.

Types of cabin suitcases

To make the right choice of your cabin suitcase, you must take into account a certain number of very specific criteria and the requirements of your travel company. There are two types for cabin suitcases. These are the soft cabin suitcase and the rigid cabin suitcase. Soft cabin suitcases are much more practical, because they offer you the possibility of carrying more luggage. Most often, they are made with fabric. Some of these suitcases have pockets, giving you more options for storing your stuff. The rigid cabin suitcase for its part is a suitcase made using solid material. Therefore, it offers you more solidity than the previous ones. This category of suitcase is more resistant to shocks, humidity and with wheels. In addition, they are easy to train.

Other selection criteria

You must take into account the requirements of the airlines before any purchase or choice of your cabin suitcase.

The weight and size

The carry-on suitcase, from the weight point of view, must be light enough to be able to contain the maximum amount of belongings, because most companies limit baggage charges. The lighter the suitcase, the more it allows you to carry the maximum number of items for your trip. In terms of size, the dimensions of your cabin suitcase should vary between the following values: 55 x 35 x 25 cm. However, these values ​​may change. If you do not meet these criteria, you may have to change your suitcase on boarding or have paid an excess baggage fee.

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Length of stay and business selection

In order not to have any problems when boarding, you must find out about the dimensions, prohibited items, weight and size authorized for your suitcase. You must therefore select your business carefully.

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