SPB direct debit: what is it?

While going through your last account statements, you came across a direct debit called SPB? What is it about ? This transaction is related to the subscription of an insurance. We tell you everything you need to know about the PRLV SEPA SPB MDT direct debit: insurance offers, the steps to cancel, the different ways to contact SPB Assurances customer service. And discover the standard model of termination letter.

SPB Overview

SPB is the European leader in the market for everyday insurance products. SPB Assurances markets products for individuals for mobile telephony, nomadic products, banking services, provident insurance, life events, travel, leisure, household goods, health, energy, etc.

The range of SPB insurance offers

SPB insurance offers for mobile phones

Anyone who owns a mobile phone can insure it against loss, theft or damage.

Several guarantees are offered by SPB insurance:

  • to cover breakdowns, breakage, theft, oxidation, accidental breakage;
  • against virus attacks and fraudulent use;
  • against data loss.

SPB insurance offers for new technology products

This insurance concerns all digital devices (computer, tablet, camera, game console, etc.).

The warranty covers:

  • theft, damage, fraudulent use, oxidation, replacement of parts, repairs;
  • data protection and recovery.

SPB insurance offers for means of payment

In the event of loss or theft of your bank card, the SPB insurance offer covers you. It also entitles you to:

  • insurance included in the credit cards;
  • assistance with bank card transactions;
  • insurance covering the balance of the account in the event of death;
  • insurance covering attempted credit card fraud;
  • insurance for Internet purchases;
  • education annuities;
  • coverage for rents, loans, bank accounts;
  • personalized assistance for pension rights;
  • funeral guarantees;
  • savings insurance.
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Water and energy insurance

This insurance allows individuals to benefit from fair reimbursement in the event of water, gas or electricity damage. The formula includes:

  • cancellation-type guarantees;
  • extended warranties on products;
  • data protection insurance.

SPB insurance for travel and leisure

In case of cancellation of your trip for any problem, you can claim a refund on the costs incurred.

Please note that this formula is only intended for people who have taken out loans or mortgages.

Why do you have an SPB direct debit?

Several reasons can explain an SPB Assurances direct debit:

  • when you have signed a contract with a mobile telephone operator (SFR, Bouygues Télécom, etc.), the latter has made you take out SPB insurance to protect your telephone from breakage or theft;
  • your spouse was able to subscribe to an SPB product without notifying you and the direct debits are debited from the joint account;
  • you are the victim of a scam. Your identity has been usurped and a scammer has stolen one of your bank details to take out an SPB insurance contract in your name.

PRLV SEPA SPB MDT: the meaning

PRLV SEPA SPB MDT means that a direct debit from SPB Assurances has been debited from your bank account.

You are therefore the holder of an SPB insurance contract. It is an insurance company that markets products in various fields such as mobile telephony, financial products, water, gas, electricity, etc.

To find out where the prlv sepa spb mdt direct debits from your account come from, it is best to contact SPB Assurances customer service directly.

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Procedures for canceling

There are several SPB Assurances partnerships. Here are all the contact details where to send your cancellation letter depending on the product purchased:

  • To cancel SPB insurance taken out with Auchan: SPB – Auchan Assurance
    Mobile Insurance Cancellation Service – 76095 Le Havre Cedex
  • To cancel SPB insurance taken out with BNP Paribas: SPB – Service Mobileo 2
    Mobile Insurance Cancellation Service – 76095 Le Havre Cedex
  • To cancel SPB insurance taken out with Bouygues Telecom: SPB – Assurance Mobile Bouygues Telecom – 76095 LE HAVRE Cedex
  • To cancel SPB insurance taken out with Crédit Agricole (All mobile insurance): SPB – All mobile insurance – Termination Service – 76095 Le Havre Cedex
  • To cancel SPB insurance taken out with Darty: SPB – Darty Mobile Product Insurance – Termination Service – 76095 Le Havre Cedex
  • To cancel SPB insurance taken out with FNAC: SPB – Mobile fnac Product Insurance: Service Résiliation – 76095 Le Havre Cedex;
  • To cancel SPB insurance taken out with LCL (mobile phones only): SPB – LCL Portable Insurance Contract
    71 quai Colbert – 76095 Le Havre Cedex;
  • To cancel SPB insurance taken out with SFR: SPB – SFR membership service
    76095 Le Havre cedex;
  • To cancel SPB insurance taken out with Thelem Assurances: SPB – Service Thélem assurances – Service Résiliation – 76095 Le Havre Cedex.

How do I contact SPB Assurances customer service?

There are several ways to contact SPA assurances customer service:

  • by post by writing to SPB Consumer Services at the following address: SPB Assurances – 71 Quai Colbert – 76005 Le Havre;
  • online by contacting an SPB advisor. Just follow the following link: https://www.spb-assurance.fr/contact;
  • by telephone by contacting SPB Customer Service on 02 32 74 20 20.
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Free SPB Assurances Termination Letter Template

Last name First Name

Full address

Subject: request for termination of my SPB insurance contract no. XXX


By this letter, I request the cancellation of my SPB insurance taken out with my telephone operator (indicate the name of the operator). My customer number is: XXX.

Please accept the expression of my best regards.

Last name First Name


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