Rome: Rome in four days… Editorial advice

When you hear about Rome, you can already see yourself pacing its streets on a romantic Vespa scooter, you will stop to eat an Italian ice cream after tasting a pasta dish along the Tiber… Rome makes you dream? So why not leave for 4 days to visit the Eternal City?

Going to Rome: practical advice

The best way to get to Rome? The plane ! Rome is a destination offered from many airports and often by Low Cost companies. From the airport, bus or taxi are available to drop you off downtown. Many hotels or short-term rentals are available in Rome, a search on the internet will allow you to find what suits you. An advice ? Stay in the city center so you can get around on foot! For your meals, avoid restaurants in places that are too touristy, stroll through the small streets to find family restaurants or enter pizzerias where individual shares are sold, they will be typical of the Italy ! Your travels will be on foot, by metro or by Vespa.

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Day 1: plunge into antiquity

As we know, you will make an obligatory visit to the Colosseum and the Forum during your stay in Rome. Our little advice: book your tickets on the internet to avoid the endless and almost daily queue in front of the Colosseum. You can take a single entry ticket for the 2 monuments. Highly recommended to benefit from a rate and the possibility of visiting these emblematic places of the city. The little extra: find yourself a guide to help you discover the history of these places, fascinating for young and old.

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Day 2: Art, art, art

Rome is also about painting, sculpture and many villas where art is painted directly on the walls. Go visit Villa Borghese in the heart of the Colle Pinciano park where you can then stroll if the weather permits. You will see a magnificent palace decorated with gilding and paintings and a very fine art collection: from paintings by Caravaggio to sculptures by Bernini, your eyes will be blown away!

Day 3: day of grace

In the center of Rome is the Vatican, the smallest country in the world. You can first visit its museum. Our advice: if you want a Guided tour, you can make do with the very well-designed audio guide. You will contemplate the famous Sistine Chapel and discover the life of the popes. Once out, take a tour of Place Saint Pierre to admire its symmetrical architecture. Finally, you can opt for a visit to the crypts, St. Peter’s Basilica or a climb in the dome to observe the view of Rome. If you have time left, head towards Castel Sant’Angelo along the Tiber, where you will discover the first residence of the popes.

Day 4: it’s time to stroll

Already your last day and you feel like you ran a marathon. This is normal after all visits! Today, take the time to stroll through the Roman streets. Go shopping Via Del Corso: shops as far as the eye can see, or get lost in the small cobbled streets towards Campo Di Fiori. The day is yours!

You are now ready for your trip to the heart of the Eternal City! Finally no, all you have to do is pack your suitcase. Above all remember: take a walk to find small typical restaurants, do not hesitate to call on guides / audio guides in the various museums or monuments to enrich your culture as much as possible. Finally, enjoy the Roman Dolce Vita!

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