How do I get a bank card from La Banque Postale?

Whether or not you are a Banque Postale customer, you may wish to obtain a bank card from the establishment. Find out the procedure to follow if you are a customer or if you want to join La Banque Postale. Follow the formalities to open an account and choose one of the bank cards offered by the organization. We tell you everything about classic CBs and prepaid ones. Everything you need to know to obtain a bank card at the Banque Postale!

How to subscribe to a CB at the Postal Bank?

To obtain a bank card from La Banque Postale, you have two options:

  • if you already have a bank account at the Banque Postale, simply contact your adviser by phone, email or by going directly to a branch. Beforehand, make an appointment;
  • conversely, if you are not yet a Banque Postale customer, you must open an account with the establishment. A withdrawal payment card will then be included in your Account Package.

How to open an account at La Banque Postale to have a bank card?

There are two ways to open an account at the Banque Postale:

  • by going to a post office. An advisor will then open your bank account;
  • on the Internet, on the website of the financial institution. The approach includes the opening of an Account Formula allowing you to benefit from a Visa Classic or Visa Premier payment card.

To know : if you want to open an account outside the Account Formula, you must go to a branch or call 09 69 39 00 01 (non-surcharged call) to make an appointment with a bank advisor.

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In all cases, you will need to provide the following supporting documents:

  • valid identity document;
  • proof of address ;
  • last proof of income.

The different bank cards available at the Banque Postale

The Réalys card

This La Banque Postale bank card has adapted payment and withdrawal limits:

  • payment ceiling over 7 rolling days of a maximum of 300 euros;
  • withdrawal limit over 7 rolling days of a maximum of 800 euros in the network’s ATMs.

With the Réalys card, you have access to the entire Visa Electron network. During each transaction, the card checks the balance of your account. This systematic authorization system makes it possible to prevent overdrafts. This is an advantage when the holder of the CB turns out to be a rather spendthrift or if he likes to control his account rigorously.

Also note that additional options are available with the Réalys card. Among them :

  • the 3D-Secure service to make your online purchases in complete safety;
  • the e-credit card service to place your orders on the Internet without having to communicate your card number;
  • and the Western Union program allows you to benefit from advantageous rates on money transfers.

The Visa Classic card

La Banque Postale’s Visa Classic card allows you to pay and withdraw money in France and abroad.

This means of payment has a maximum payment limit of 3,000 euros, over 30 rolling days, as well as a maximum withdrawal limit of 1,000 euros from network cash dispensers, over 7 rolling days.

On the other hand, you also benefit from insurance guarantees and assistance for your whole family. And you can also take advantage of additional services: contactless payment, deferred debit, e-credit card service, Western Union program, credit option to pay in cash or on credit, 2-year manufacturer’s warranty extension insurance, etc.

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Visa Premier card

La Banque Postale’s Visa Premier card offers a certain flexibility of use. Make your purchases in France and abroad and take advantage of advantages (extended guarantees, discounts with major retailers, etc.).

This top-of-the-range payment method also allows you to benefit from payment and withdrawal at high ceilings: 8000 euros maximum as regards the payment ceiling (over 30 rolling days) and 1500 euros maximum as withdrawal ceiling (over 7 rolling days ).

Then, holders of the La Banque Postale Visa Premier card can also take advantage of additional services such as deferred debit, the e-credit card service, the credit option, etc.

The Visa Platinum card

The Banque Postale Visa Platinum card has significant payment and withdrawal limits:

  • 12,000 euros maximum payment ceiling, over 30 rolling days;
  • 3000 euros maximum withdrawal limit, over 7 rolling days.

And the insurance and assistance guarantees are also extensive (trip cancellation, vehicle rental, repatriation due to illness, personal assistant service from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 9 pm, etc.).

Finally, as options, you take advantage of deferred debit to improve your cash management, e-credit card, credit option, contactless payment, etc.

The Visa Infinite card

This is a prestige card from the Banque Postale. Valid in France and around the world, it has significant capacities in terms of payment and withdrawal:

  • 20,000 euros maximum payment ceiling, over 30 rolling days;
  • 5000 euros maximum withdrawal limit, over 7 rolling days.

And Visa Infinite cardholders can also have a concierge team available around the clock. Even the most unusual or urgent requests are handled.

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Finally, with the Visa Infinite card, you have full access to the Visa Infinite club (privileges for outings and exceptional visits, preferential rates, etc.).

The Banque Postale Western Union bank card

This credit card allows you to pay less for money transfers (up to 40% discount). The operations are also carried out very quickly because you are automatically recognized with your membership number on the back of the credit card.

Finally, the Western Union card from the Banque Postale allows you to benefit from a telephone service as well as an internet space to inform you about the news and your capital point.

La Banque Postale prepaid international bank cards

Note that you can also have a prepaid credit card at the Banque Postale. There are several models:

  • prepaid card from the Banque Postale with systematic authorization, with a ceiling of 500 euros over 30 days;
  • rechargeable Regliss card, for 12-17 year olds, under parental control, with a usage limit of 1,500 euros;
  • the Protectys Banque Postale card for people under enhanced guardianship or guardianship, or in the event of legal protection with an agent, with a ceiling of 1,500 euros maximum;
  • and the prepaid, non-reloadable Postame bank gift card, with an amount to be credited between 40 and 799 euros.

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