What is the best online bank?

Online banks have not yet replaced traditional banks. However, they continue to grow. Six online banks, subsidiaries of major banking groups, stand out. Discover the advantages of a remote bank, the main ones on the market and what makes them different.

The main online banks

Online banking institutions are:

  • Boursorama, a subsidiary of Société Générale;
  • Hello Bank, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas;
  • Fortuneo, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel;
  • ING Direct, a subsidiary of ING, a large Dutch group;
  • Monabanq, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel;
  • BforBank, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole.

It should be noted that there are two intermediary banks, known as hybrids, which are situated between traditional banks and remote banks. These are eLCL and NetAgence.

The main online banks offer similar offers. The competition between them explains this standardization.

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The services of the main online banks

Current account

For opening a current account, Monabanq does not require a minimum income condition. On the other hand, Boursorama requires at least 1000 euros in income per month, against 1200 euros for HelloBank, Fortuneo, ING Direct and up to 1600 euros for BforBank.

Monabanq is also distinguished by the amount of its opening bonus (120 euros against 80 euros for the five others) as well as by its compulsory payment at the opening (150 euros, 300 euros for the others). The Visa or Mastercard bank card is free in the six remote banks.

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Fortuneo allows an overdraft of up to 200 euros, 250 for HelloBank and up to 400 euros at ING Direct. On the contrary, BforBank, a high-end online bank, only allows overdrafts under conditions (to be seen with an advisor). Finally, Monabanq, the most accessible online bank among the six, adapts its overdraft according to its client. On the other hand, this remote bank is the only one to have maintenance costs (24 euros annually).


The six online banks offer three different types of savings: savings account, booklet A and sustainable development booklet. Boursorama and HelloBank also offer the possibility of opening a housing savings plan.

Life insurance

Death insurance remains a traditional service of banks, including online ones. Apart from HelloBank, whose entry fees range from 1 to 4.75%, the others charge a zero rate.

Fortuneo’s life insurance is the most successful on the market.

Access to credit

In terms of credit, whether real estate or consumer, online banks have very different practices.

Stock market transactions

Online banks are particularly well suited for stock market transactions. The six banks offer several offers to invest in the stock market, with no fees for custody fees.

Boursorama is positioned advantageously on this market. Its stock portal is very competitive.

How to choose the right online bank?

The pricing structure

Boursorama wins the prize for online banking with the lowest pricing. Its free card and limited fees make it an advantageous online bank.

Note, other virtual banks charge very low rates. Boursorama occupies first place on the podium by a few euros.

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Attachment to a large group

Each of the six remote banks is attached to a group. This can be a determining choice, especially if you need to deposit checks. Monabanq or HelloBank, for example, allow the deposit of checks in their networks.

Depending on his lifestyle

Choose your online bank according to your personal situation. In the event of modest or irregular income, it will be better to turn to a bank such as Monabanq rather than BforBank whose requirement remains the most important.

Monabanq is the only online bank with no income, savings or payment conditions. A good alternative for students, unemployed or freelancers with self-employed status. It also issues the high-end card without worrying about income.

Consider your drinking habits. Travel enthusiast? Owner of an iPhone? Need a credit? Choose your virtual bank according to your lifestyle.

Client service

The quality of customer service is one of the selection criteria. Each year, a prize rewards the best online bank in terms of customer service quality. This is a good indicator.

Also rely on the clarity of pricing. Essential to avoid unpleasant surprises. The remote banking website must also be easily readable and include all the essential information.

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Find the right online bank

If you want to open an account in an online bank or just find out about the different online banks, their services, their prices, etc… why not turn to an online comparator who has done the comparison work before YOU ? You would like to know which is the best online bank, you will find important information on the web on the services offered by this new type of banking establishment.

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The first thing is to know what to compare and to look at the price of the proposed bank card. Indeed, online banks generally work with large banking groups with which they are under contract, which allows them to offer their customers cash withdrawals or the service in certain ATMs of certain banks.

In addition to being based on the price, the online comparator is based on various criteria such as the insurance offered, the type of bank accounts etc… Some of them will be more suitable for people with jobs with irregular incomes, as at others, they will demand high and regular incomes in order to sort their clientele according to these.

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