How to deposit a check at Boursorama?

You want to deposit a check at Boursorama but you don’t know how? Find out how to get there!

Among the best online banks, it is impossible to ignore Boursorama Banque. It is one of the cheapest banks. Several websites have awarded him this honorary title. Online banking is one of the worlds most sought after by French people today. It’s all about cost reduction compared to the (substantial) rates charged by traditional banks.

Everything is digitized as much as possible. Dematerialization is more and more present. It is thanks to it that we can reduce printing costs, that we can save time or even money.

Boursorama Banque is one of the oldest online banks. It arrived very early on the market. The Boursorama group began to develop its notoriety when young customers criticized traditional banks for not updating. It is true that having a bank that does not offer the management of your bank accounts on your phone can be a stain. Today, everyone has understood the importance of this online bank. There are many customers, around 2 million for Boursorama Banque, which is aiming for 3 million in 2020/2021.

However, the reduction of paper can pose a major problem: how to deposit cash in your bank account? How to cash a check efficiently? Answers in this article.

Cashing a check or cash has become a complicated step…

Don’t lie to yourself: it is not possible to deposit cash into your Boursorama Banque bank account. Is it the same for the check? No. Customers can deposit checks, but the step won’t be as quick as with a traditional bank.

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The big difference between an online bank and conventional banks lies in the presence of bank branches. Some are more present than others. Bank branches are there to promote the relationship between the banker and the customer, but also to allow the customer to deposit his cash or checks directly into his account. It’s a big advantage.

Only the Monabanq and Hello bank! allow the deposit of cash and checks very quickly. They benefit from the network of their parent bank (respectively CIC and BNP Paribas). Their customers can go to traditional brand agencies and complete their procedures as they wish.

With regard to the check deposit at Boursorama Banque, it is necessary to act in two distinct stages.

The first will consist of making the request to obtain the check remittance slip. We recommend taking this step as soon as the account is opened, so as not to have to waste a few days upon receipt of a cheque. The slip will be sent by post and can take up to 3 days.

The second step will be to fill in this check remittance slip correctly, then to sign on the back of the check specifying the date of the deposit and the current account number that you hold with Boursorama Banque. Then, these two elements will be put in an envelope to be sent to Boursorama Banque, TSA 30 007, 93 497 MONTREUIL CEDEX.

A few days later, your account will be credited with the amount on the check!

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